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Thread: Ancident keeper campaign help

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    Default Ancident keeper campaign help

    Hi can anyone give me a tip how to win in the first scen of the ancident keeper campaign. Its not
    possible for me to reach the entrance because the strong creatures which killis imedetaly the
    only wizzard i have.
    Thank you .
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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    I had the same problem, then I found this,

    Should help you with any problems you encounter in the campaign.

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    Thank you verry much for the fast help.

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    This campaign is really a nigthmare, i think i will try to get more experience by other easyer campaigns.

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    Ancient Keeper requires knowledge of every bug/exploit/trick in the game. And most of all, patience! Some maps take hours to complete, even when the objective is simple.

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    And the campaign is also based on the original Dungeon Keeper stats. Since KeeperFX brought modifications, some levels are way tougher, or even impossible to solve.
    I like dragons! They're the center of my life! I'll never forget them...

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    I have captured portal 1 andortal 2 now, but after try to enter the last a big ,big army blows away al my creatures in no time at al.
    Anyone know the solutioN ?

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    well sorry, don't know what you exactly want to know (can't allocate the andortal 2 part), but let me tell you...stay tuned for lvl 13 (sloth) or level 19 (antaks ruin)....THESE levels are a MASSIVE pain in the ass

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    Sorry for the misstake, it must be" portal 1 and 2. But i will try to explain it againe in my poor english. I was sucessful against the heros and against the second wave of enemys.
    But when i destroy 1 of the magic doors in the north i cant beat the third wave of enemys. I have 10 iron maidons , level 8 to 10 and a wizzard l 10.

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    Default Re: Ancident keeper campaign help

    well, i played the level (you mean the 1st one, red carpet i guess, right?) again, killed the archers with disease and so on, made my way to the 1st ring of the hero fortress and cannot see anything like what you wrote.

    seems like you're completely overwhelmed by the hero forces, so two questions - did you build a guard post/temple at the edge to the water? that stops the heroes from swarming your dungeon, because it's too high to climb (build two doors and lock them to stop your imps from getting weird ideas like running outside the safe area) and did you conquer the hero fortress step by step, room by room?
    i played till i have to conquer the 1st ring and at first, there were only giants and barbarians, the one or other thief or monk, but nothing too hard and suddenly, two horned reapers spawned and that was bitchy.

    btw: what's your native language? i could offer german as an alternative if you're unsure about your english

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