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Thread: Introduction Thread

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    Welcome Fenrir8666 and OrsonMaxwell!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Post Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

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    Well met.

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    Oh hey, I've been a member for almost a year but never have posted.
    Well, here is my time to shine!

    My name is Nicholas, and I'm 17. I first played Dungeon Keeper at a young age and was so addicted I got grounded from it for 6 years because I used to play as an imp and make the noises. I annoyed my parents to death with it.
    Since 12, I've played it quite a few times. I love the game, it's a really special one to me. I am not a big fan of DK2, as I thought it lost a lot of what made the first one special. I have WftO on steam and I think it's good, just not in the same way DK1 was.

    Since last year, I've been working on becoming a game developer, and one of my first projects to help me learn some more was a clone of the original DK, which I am still working on today with the Unity Engine.

    I am not at school, as I have graduated last year, so I don't do much all day. I do not have a job, and while I do have a permit, I do not have my drivers license. So, I'm kinda stuck at home so I just work on something.

    I'm also a linux user, so yeah there's that.

    Other than that, not much else to say. Glad to be here and I hope I stay here more than a day and not leave for almost a year. I have plans to.

    Just happy that I'm not the only one loving this game in 2018.

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