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    Hey, I made a brand new campaign. It took a long time to make, so I hope its good.

    Level 1- A basic map on the surface, but you must act quick. Your dungeon is at the center of a hero meeting, and will send all they have after you to throw you away, and then plan on taking out the others. If you somehow make it past the vast army of heros, then you must kill all the keepers around you, who have joined an alliance against you. Once you kill one, you must kill then all. And always keep your eye out for heros, they always show up when you least expect it.

    Level 2- You have 4 choices of where you can attack.
    a- Your dungeon is in a perfect spot. Your dungeon is surrounded by a past dungeon left behind, taken by the heros. A few creatures are still there, and any keeper to find them, will use them against the heros in the land. They can also be used to help get your portal from the hero castle.

    b- Too late keeper, your creature have been captured, and if you don't act fast enough, you will regret it. Find them, rescue them, and your onslaught of the lord of the land's castle will be much better.

    c- capture the surounding rooms, and build your army quick. a nerby keeper has already started coming after you, and without warning, will come and kill you.
    d- You have the upper hand off your oppenent, but you still must be quick. The quiker you are, the easier it will be on you.

    Level 3- A close remake of a level from dk1. If you have played this level, then you know what you need to do, for those that haven't, you need to attack a keeper in the south, who is greatly aggressive, using the low supplies, and low gold you have. Do some exploring, and you may find more creatures to help you on your quest, but do it fast, before the keeper finds you, and starts attacking like mad.

    Level 4- A Simple but hard map. You must simply kill the south keeper, who is incharge of the vampires of this realm. Exploration can help you find helpful creatures to help, and if you go and attack the simple weak fortress of the good, then attacking your rival will be much easier. Go even farther, and you will find a whole land of specials, and a few giants who may help you with the assault.

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    How do you install the new campaign?

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