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Thread: Campaign specific Rules.cfg / Magic.cfg / etc

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    Default Campaign specific Rules.cfg / Magic.cfg / etc

    Sorry trouble, was just wondering, is it possible to have a specific Rules.cfg and Magic.cfg with a Campaign?

    Just curious, since right now what I see is in Campaign files, is that it can have Campaign specific Levels and Creatures. I don't know if there are already other functions in place, would like to ask how to do it if its already in the Code, and if it's not, whether it might be supported.

    Thank you in advance ^^;

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    Default Re: Campaign specific Rules.cfg / Magic.cfg / etc

    I don't think so, but it would be nice if it could be supported actually.
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    Default Re: Campaign specific Rules.cfg / Magic.cfg / etc

    I'm planning to support per-campaign rules in the future; currently there are only global settings.

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    Default Re: Campaign specific Rules.cfg / Magic.cfg / etc

    Thanks, that is great news to know kudos!
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