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Thread: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

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    Default Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    Hi, I am making a 'remake' of sorts, for the xbox 360.

    From the desc:
    Based on dungeon keeper series. Built with XNA.
    Game is still in alpha, several months of work at least still needed.
    (skips in the video are where videos have been joined together)
    Developed solely by me (Alex Lynch).
    Will be released on to the Xbox 360 Indie Channel.

    I have a plan of what's needed going forward, just posting here to see what the interest is. The main reasons I'm making this game is:
    1) I want a sequel, and if no one else has made one then I will (note: that won't infringe copyright..)
    2) Whenever I play DK2 in gameranger, if suddenly your opponent lags out then all your hard work for the last hour is wasted.. why was there not an option to save and continue at a later date?? My game will have this
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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    Awesome, looking forward to see more of this!
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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    If you plan to sell this on the indie marketplace on xbox 360, I will happily buy it and encourage my friends to do the same.

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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    Looks nice. I'd like to play a dungeon keeper-like game on the 360. I Hope you'll not get copyright problems. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    I will get this when it is released and if we get it in alpha will we get it updated for free?

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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    Keep us updated on this, please!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Post Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    Thanks for the comments guys. i am still working on this, and have now released another video:

    There's still some bugs to fix/features to do, and also the graphics. But it gets closer to being finished each day

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    Default Re: Dungeons Game ALPHA (C# + XNA)

    Hey Pls Updated i want more

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