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    Captured light is currently in quite early stages (didn't work allot on it yet.)

    But I figured the feedback would do me good.
    Captured light is set in a universe much like dungeon keeper, and it's lore is that the keepers failed and have been sent back,wherever it is they came from.
    The creatures however, are still allive, you are one such creature, and you have to battle for survival as you are stuck in between the remainders of the hero forces on one side, and powerfull hostile creatures on the other side.

    It will be played like dungeon keeper in possesion mode, you are able to dig (only as certain creatures) and fight your way trough the underworld.
    You'll walk trough ruined dungeons , noticing that something is still alive...

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    Looks very cool. Even for an easy version, looks promosing. Looking foreward to seeing where you'll take this.

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    Looks like it has a lot of potential

    good job so far!

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