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    Hello guys!

    This time i came up with an idea,who will probelly work out much better for a dungeon,unlike my last post who i desided at myself to let the forum manegers to look it.

    Nameungeon Mole
    Armour:Very Low
    Accuracy:Very High
    Recovery Rate:High
    Training Rate:Medium
    Training Cost:Low

    Level1 Melee,will attack enemies with hes sharp claws.
    Level3 Digging,will use this abillity to transport from place to place faster,and unsean.When charging in to battle the Mole will do it from underground,to surprize the enemy while distracted by other tank units.Will also use while running away.
    Level6 Ranged Tongue,will use this abillity to attack the enemy from a short range with is tongue.The tongue is full with paralizing venom,thus the enemy will be stunned for 5 secs.Cooldown 1 min
    Level8 Bite,The mole will Brutally bite the enemy causing 150% damge.The enemy will also be poisioned,he will loose his consciousness,thus hes agillity/accuracy/damage/speed will be reduced by 50% for 10 sec,and will prevent from the enemy to flee from battle. (The enemy will not be totaly knocked down,he will keep fighting.)

    Info:The Dungeon Mole is a devios demon from the depths who offers his services as a scout unit.He will ususally just hang out under enemy dungeons to recive valuble info. The Mole can sence the week spot of any material infront of him with hes senses, Thats how he digs earth with hes own claws. He can easly use this skill to break through any armour who opposes him.

    Behavior In Dungeon:The Mole will usually search for enemies underground if not told to do anything els.

    Battle Style:Normaly he acts as a scout,but wont hasitate to be an exelent melee support creature on battle.

    Loves:Nothing spacific

    Hates:Same as above


    Obtainemble By:Portal/natural

    Anger reaction:When sad,will simply go to sleep,If hes angry, he will dig hes way to a natural space,beyond the walls of hes keeper,and will become natural. If there is no such place,he will dig enemy dungeon,and turn natural there.

    Lair:A hole in the ground.

    Apearence:Click image for larger version. 

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    How introducedont know yet..

    Entrance Effect:Will apear from a hole near a portal.

    Torture:The torture will brutally stab with a dagger the moles nose.(That wierd thing on its nose at the picture i uploaded, is actually its nose,right?)


    Since this creature presents a totaly new dimension of the dungeon,ill have to explain a cupple of things:

    -Firstly the mole wont be able to pass forfitied walls,or inpentreateble walls,that will be a totaly game braker.. it will only be able to pass normal walls,not even your own walls.
    -Second,the mole is complectly blind,so as the keeper if he posses him,so no worrys for the creatores,no need to create a whole new land scape for this creature. (throguh you would be able to see the map,so you could navigate some how.)

    -thirdly,for friendly keepers,the mole while travelling undergroud will apear as a small moving pile of dirt,so the keeper wont have a hard time picking it up.

    -And last,Moles wont have super powers like digging through the floor of the prison,and create a mass prison brake.. (Lets say the keeper were smart enough to reinforce the prison floor,okey?)

    Okey.. Tell me what do you think?

    (Credit to Montrayas,his porcupine idea have gave me some inspiration to start thinking of more smaller beasts, unlike my giant Nightmare horse demon i suggested earlier..)

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    Default Re: Dungeon Mole

    would seem awkward digging through tiles, might need to take a different approach to it. something similar would be a dark monster that can turn into a shadow and travel along the floor which has the same effect as a mole apart from the weirdness from digging on tiles.

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    The shadow beast idea is interesting..

    I dont think digging under tiles is wierd,the same way i dont think digging through walls is wierd. this idea is ideal for a dungeon in my opinion. (and a shadow beast walking throguh walls is much wierder in my opinion.)

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Dungeon Mole

    Quote Originally Posted by Keeper_Infernal View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fc100156_bump3.jpg 
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    Hey man, that's my car.

    As for the suggestion itself, I'll keep it simple. No. I don't think common Neutrals should be able to mine around the area at their free will, that could destroy the level design. I also don't like their idea of being able to go underunderground, that could be a very annoying trait and may prove to be troublesome when it comes to implimenting a feature like that.
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