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    Default Cannot edit maps *Please delete*

    Okay I need some help. Maybe I have forgotten something but for some reason I cannot edit the map levels (Not talking about the editor, I mean editing the level maps in Notepad to change what comes into your dungeon, how much gold you have, etc).

    Now I installed KeeperFx37/38 (Don't remember which, was like in October last year) and I have Windows 7, which I am sure many knows refuses to actually install DK on the computer, which is the reason why I have Keeperfx and can no longer use the Editor since you need the original DK disc..

    Whenever I open one of the Levels, marked map *Insert numbers here* it's just a bunch of encrypted mess that makes no sense, you know those letters that are more foreign then anything else. I don't know why this is it, but I know I should able to see it in the map editor way because I have in previous levels edited some maps, but that was like months ago, most likely last year but I hadn't played DK much until recently and edited anything at all.

    So what's going on anyone know? I wanted to look at this one level's script to see what was going on (The level Save the Heroes! I honesty am lost in that area, I converted the Smaurias but I can't see what else to do and the Avatar is too strong).

    It appears I can edit the creatures in Notepad, so why can't I see the levels scripts in Notepad?

    Edit: I am sorry I found the reason why, I would delete this thread but I can't see the delete button so please delete?
    Oh and would anyone who knows the Save the Heroes level tell me, or PM me what folder that map file would be in? (I think its DD or Free to play levels, or both)
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