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    Default DK board game: Dungeonyte

    Hi, I'd like to start a thread about DK boardgames. Face-to-face gaming is different compared to videogaming. There have been many attempts out there but nowhere anybody tried to organize them.
    Since there is no computer, all gaming actions are made by the players. So to keep things chaotic and mysterious, ingenious ways must be created to simulate a computer.
    I, for one, decided to create my own, I named it Dungeonyte.
    This game is based on Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Lords, Descent, Magic The Gathering, Carcassonne, Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeonquest, Warhammer Quest, Tomb (Cryptmaster), Dungeoneer, Heroes of Might and Magic, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, all excellent games you should purchase. Their authors are credited for all their intellectual property.

    Tiles are 3x3 squares that could be used over a table or on the floor. Squares feature Land, Room, Tunnel. For Tunnels, "T" shapes, "+" shapes, "l" shapes are the most frequent. Tiles are just printed on plain paper.
    Creatures are 1x1 square sized with a nice picture and some data. The print out is glued over a ceramic tile of around 22mm, found in HomeDepot.
    Fixtures are Traps, Bridges, reinforcement wall Panels and Doors.
    Spells are the same as in DK2.
    Gear are items Creatures can equip. There are good Aura, Evil and neutral Gear. Each has a body part it can be equipped to.
    A central question is how to handle the heroes and dungeon Creatures at the same time. I decided each player would play both their own team of good and bad Creatures. To prevent abuse, Good creatures you control can never interact with your own Dungeon or own bad Creatures. Good creatures come from the Surface land under specific triggers. One is when all players reach an Eviltower of 10 or more. There is an Event to call them. At last, when all 3 slots of good Creatures per player are filled, then they invade the dungeons. They enter through the central Black Well or through Righteous Portals players can place on the map from time to time. They have a bonus when they invade the dungeon of your left player.
    Of course, they can get K.O. and then get dragged by your Imps into your Prison, Torture Chamber or Graveyard.
    Creatures get Experience, 1 XP for each level of the killed creature. Only the Creature delivering the last fatal blow earn XP, named "feats". A Creature Level 4 need 5 feats to reach Level 5. Imps get XP by installing Traps and Doors but they have maximum 1 Life Point at all times.
    Here are the Creatures I prepared:

    Fire Elemental
    Dark Elf
    Dark Mistress
    Bile Demon
    Dragon Puppy
    Maiden of the Nest
    Black Knight
    Dark Angel

    Elven Archer
    Stone Knight
    Princess Joy
    Princess Lea
    Prince Tristan
    Prince Felix
    Queen Agatha
    King Reginald

    [email protected]

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    Victory Conditions
    Sun Rubies
    A Dark Lord wins when a Dark Lord manages to bring 4 Sun Rubies ( ) to the Surface Church in ruins (ancient Dorn’s Zorkal Throne Room). Your goal is to be finally ready to embark on the quest to bring your rule to the Surface land above. The closest Surface world is within a region of dreaming underlings, ruled by the beautiful Lady Agatha and her King, King Reginald. She's kind, and fair, and doesn't imprison or torture her subjects... for some reason. You must “improve” the Surface pitiful situation and establish a foothold on the famed sunlit land, that is to build there a new Throne Room into an abandoned church, using the 4 Sun Rubies. The Land Lords, ruling class of the land above, Righteous King, Queen, two sons and two daughters each carry a Sun Ruby ( ) as a necklace, ready for the taking once they are struck K.O.. You must gather 4 of the Sun Rubies ( ) in your Throne Room. You will organize an expedition to reach the Surface world and settle a foothold. Then you will rule as well over the goodly heroes land forever. A band of your creatures (Rogue and /or converted Thief /Land Lord), each carrying one of your Sun Rubies ( ), must go through the Well Surface on the central patch map. Your hordes will then break into the upper world and spread terror wherever they tread, hurrah!
    “Scoring” Event
    A Dark Lord wins when she /he has the most Victory Points (VP) at the “Scoring” Event activation.
    Village bank
    A Dark Lord wins when her /his controlled Adventurers have accumulated 1000G in the Village bank.
    One surviving Dark Lord
    A Dark Lord wins when all the other Dark Lords have been defeated or eaten.

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    What to do at first?
    Each player starts on her /his own edge (north, east, south, west) and tunnels her /his way through the earth, placing secretly tiles to develop her /his dungeon in a more or less controlled layout. In parallel, a public central patch of unclaimed land develops. Ultimately, a player’s dungeon will connect to the central patch then to another player’s dungeon.
    You should dig Tunnels and prepare to welcome your recruited Creatures with Rooms, Food and coins.
    It is wise to prepare some Food, ready to eat in your Hatcheries and Smokeries. Your already recruited creatures need to eat, more or less often. Food comes from the activation of Sunland Tokens “Hunt Food +3F” (gather 3 Food), from Dig Catacomb, Catch Fish and from other Dark Lord trading partners. There is also a Multiplier “Food x2” when you have your flag over the Black Well Surface tile.
    It is wise to prepare some money, measured in G, coins of Copper (=1G), Silver (=2G), Gold (=5G), ready to pay, in your Throne Room or Treasury Rooms. Money is used to recruit and maintain Creatures, to buy Rooms and Fixtures. Coins come from the activation of Sunland Tokens “Mine Gold +3G” (gather 3G), from Dig Vein Gold /Gem, from other Dark Lord trading partners, from Dark God Debts, etc...
    Coins can be spent and distributed over your visiting Greedy (in need) creatures ONLY from a storage like the Throne Room and the Treasury Rooms. Carried Coins by Imps or dropped on the non-Gold friendly ground CANNOT be spent.

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    Turn Phases
    To speed up the game, all players play their turn at the same time. All do Phase #1, then all Phase #2, etc. In case of doubt, when anybody expresses the intention to have a player-to-player interaction or when a player requests the right to play before or after another player: the 2 contenders bid in an auction to win the right to decide who plays before who among the contenders.
    There are 4 phases in a turn.
    Turn Phase #1: Dark God Debt
    Like in Railroad Tycoon, players can borrow 10G (2 Gold markers of 5G each) by contracting Debts with the Dark Gods. It has to be reimbursed 11G at the next turn number multiple of 10. Plan your expenses now because only now you can borrow.
    Turn Phase #2: Cornucopia
    The Dark Gods, to show their care, provide a bountiful number of “nuggets” from the depths of the earth Cornucopia to their Dark Lords. Nuggets flow from a fountain-like cascade. Those nugget gifts take the form of Tiles and Tokens that can be refined, cut and polished into Precious material, the real elements of action on the respective Dungeon Boards of the players.
    There are Tiles: Land, Tunnel, Room, Sun Land. There are Tokens: Creature, Fixture, Spell, Gear, Bless, Eclipse, Widget, Event. The tiles and tokens, picked-up from Cornucopia or received from trade, are placed on the Dungeon Board of each player, in the Precious section. They become “Precious” instead of “Nuggets”.
    Any Tile, Token can be traded with the other players, usually one for one. Negotiations are open, players barter, offer and counter-offer. Any deal must include at least one Tile or Token. Food, coins, Mana, other resources, ownership of Fixtures or tiles, promises can also be exchanged if agreed upon. Once the tiles /tokens have changed hands, the deal is closed, definitively, it cannot be cancelled.
    Every 10 turns, 3 random Tiles and 3 Tokens are drawn from storage and publicly displayed in a public pool. There are 6 nuggets, up for grab.
    Every turn, each player can either
    • grab a public nugget, either
    • secretly draw 1 Tile from random storage either
    • secretly draw 1 Token from random storage.
    If several players want to grab the same public nugget, a mini-auction is conducted, the highest bidder must pay in coins to storage. Nobody can undertake new Dark Gods Debts, it is too late, this was only possible in Turn Phase #1. The mini-auction winner will have the priority. If nobody bids, each contender rolls 1d66, the highest wins the bid. The auction bid is based on the last highest bid. All the other contenders have dropped out of the auction. To stay in the auction, each player must bid 1 more G than the highest bid.

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    Filling Precious on Dungeon Board
    Constraint #1: each Dungeon Board must always show a minimum of 3 Precious. If a player has only 2, of course, she /he can show only 2.
    Constraint #2: out of all those Precious, each Dark Lord can unfortunately only keep for free a maximum of 6. The #7, 8 and 9 (and higher) cost coins every turn.
    Righteous section: the unconverted Righteous creature tokens are not really Precious. They do not follow those two constraints: they must always be visible, always placed in their separate section of the Dungeon Board, which is limited to 3 maximum and cannot cost anything to keep on Dungeon Board. They will be controlled by the player on your right when entering into play.
    1 Precious: 1 is visible
    2 Precious: 2 are visible
    3 Precious: 3 are visible
    4 Precious: 3 are visible, 1 is secret
    5 Precious: 3 are visible, 2 are secret
    6 Precious: 3 are visible, 3 are secret
    7 Precious: 3 are visible, 4 are secret, 1 costs 1G per turn
    8 Precious: 3 are visible, 5 are secret, 2 cost 2G per turn
    9 Precious: 3 are visible, 6 are secret, 3 cost 3G per turn
    10 Precious: 3 are visible, 7 are secret, 4 cost 4G per turn

    At the end of the turn, each player must pay X G if having 7 or more Precious on Dungeon Board. To avoid this penalty, players can prepare and remove extra tiles and tokens, through Trade, placing on public map or activation. Tiles and tokens cannot be discarded freely, they must either be traded away, stored on Dungeon Board, activated or placed on the public map in the central patch.
    The central patch public map is defined at first as all neutral Land surrounding the central Well Surface. Then, later in the game, when all Dungeons are attached to the central patch (with a Righteous Portal as joint or not), the central patch public map is defined as a geometric figure with the Well Surface in the centre and delimited within the perimeter of all borders of the Dark Lords territory. Later in the game, the territory of some Dark Lord’s Dungeons might eat up that space; in that case, the central patch slowly shrinks because it must be always neutral (no owning Dark Lord).
    Because Precious can accumulate quickly on the Dungeon Board, thus incurring extra cost (if 7 or more), it is fundamental to activate them as soon as possible. Some can be placed on the map. They are considered to be just the left-over of a previous ancient Dungeon network.

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    Player Aid . Filling Precious on the map
    Tile Land
    Picked up Land tiles are placed on their owner’s Dungeon Board (max. 6 can fit for free). They can be placed anywhere valid on the map, i.e. adjacent4 to another Tile of the public map central patch or of any unmasked Dungeon. When adjusted (it can be rotated), it must be connecting adjacent4 two identical Land type sub-tiles, one from the new tile and one from the receiving pre-existing Tile. For example, a Land Tile of 8 Water sub-tiles and 1 Softrock on a corner can be placed aside adjacent4 to a Softrock border of a receiving Tile, to make the 2 Softrocks adjacent4 connected. The two Water sides could not fit because it shares no Water sub-tile on the border of the receiving Tile. It could also not fit if the receiving border has no Softrock on the corners and no Water. Water /Mudbath Room and Lava can never be adjacent8. Water and Mudbath Room sub-tiles can be adjacent4, they are considered as identical in term of connection to add a new Land tile. Like the placement of a Tunnel or Room tile, it is forbidden to make “Carcassonne holes” in the land lay out. If it cannot connect, you must keep the Land Tile on your Dungeon Board, thus sometimes incurring a cost.
    See the below diagram, a tile #Z can be placed on the left of existing tile #X, because g3 and f3 sub-tiles share the same land type, Soft Rock.
    #Z #X
    d e F g h i
    d1: Water .
    e1-f1: Vein Gold .
    ghi1: Softrock .
    ef2: Bedrock .
    ghi2: Tunnel .
    d3: Lava

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    ho, keep going

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    your last post is unreadable.

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