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    Name: Slish
    Creature type: Salamander
    Gender : Male.
    Age: 21 (sssalamander years :0)
    Personality: He's a quiet salamander, extremely lazy, a pain in the butt in the dungeon.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Current level: 1
    Gold on pocket: 0.
    Strengths: Head-to-head combat.
    Weaknesses: Long range attacks.
    Likes: Lava, harrasing imps, praying in the temple and mourning in the graveyard
    Dislikes: Cold, water, workshops, dragons
    Level 1: Attack
    Level 3: Speed
    Level 4: Fire spit
    Level 6: Fireball
    Level 8: Protect
    Other things:
    Slish is much more lazy then other salamanders, only voluntarily researching or training for a short amount of time and refusing to work in workshops. He also harrasses imps with fireballs, or goes to the graveyard to mourn to his dead monk masters and hates Dragons. His wage his high, and when angry he destroyes key parts of rooms (like researched spells, built things in workshops or other creature lairs).
    Realm: Crystalbarrow

    Biography: Slish grew up in a group of pets that the local heroes had raised. His trainer was a Monk named Filgard. When four enemy Keepers built Dungeons in the land, the heroes and the salamanders decided to keep the hero heart safe by barricading themselves in an extremely large hero dungeon, fully fortified with no entrances. There were four sections, and there was no way to get from one section to the next (just incase the dungeon outer edge was penetrated). The outer, mid, inner, and central. The monks and the salamanders had a lair in the central area, stocked with a lair, hatchery, and training room for the Salamanders. When news spread that all four keepers had penetrated the outer layers of the dungeon and were fighting for control of the outer section, the four secret hero gates scattered around the land went into action. Each one attacked each Keeper. The Green Keeper was not prepared and thus was defeated by the tunneller group. Unfortunatly this made it easier for the Yellow, Red, and Blue Keepers to fight for the land. The Red Keeper took over the empty dungeon, and now with double the power annihilated the Yellow Keeper, took that dungeon as well and fought the Blue Keeper off of the fortress and then penetrated to the Middle layer. Equipped with prisons and torture chambers, news spread that he converted everyone in the mid layer.

    The hero gates again went into action, except all of them tunnelling towards the Red Keeper's heart, to no avail. The Red Keeper penetrated the inner layer and soon annihilated the Blue Keeper and discovered and shut down all the Hero Gates. The salamanders listened as the heroes and creatures fought to the death. The creatures were much more powerful, and the salamanders and monks decided to train to a high level. The monks then called the Lord of the Land for his party to come here, as the hero heart was near destruction. His party soon arrived (Lord of the Land x1 l10, Knight x2 l10, Giant x5 l10, Samurai x3 l10). Combined with the salamanders (x3 l10, x7 l6, x3 l3, x1 l1) and the monks (x5 l10) they were a mighty force indeed. Unfortunatly, the Red Keeper had converted so many creatures, starved so many to skeletons, tortured so many to ghosts, and rose so many to vampires, that when the central layer was penetrated an unmatchable fighting force flew into the small inner dungeon. Slish and most of the other salamanders realized they could not win, and fought against their monk masters for survival. After defeated, Slish became an active creature in the dungeons, though having recieved such a bold treatment as a hero's pet, he is very picky, and becomes more irritating as he increases level.
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