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Thread: [Keeper spell] Madness

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    Default Re: [Keeper spell] Madness

    Quote Originally Posted by MeinCookie View Post
    Have you considered giving heroic Turncoat an AoE attack? A chance to cause splash damage and take several creatures at once?

    Seems reasonable that if Keeper Turncoat targets as single more powerful creature, then its Hero equivalent should be able to hit one, or rarely two, extra creatures standing next to it. Not with a 100% success rate, of course
    That would be even worse. If enemies are crowded together, casting Hero Turncoat on them would effect a fairly large number of Units, especially if Units can sit on the same tile together and go through one another like they could in DK1. (Or we'll have to deal with that annoying collision as we did in DK2)

    Also, what happens when Keepers are fighting other Keepers? Thier Turncoat spell will become less effective compared to when they're fighting Heroes. Then there's also the problem of how the Hero Turncoat will become completely abusable/overpowered if the Heroes are fighting another group of Heroes. (You'll probably see this in Multiplayer)

    So no, I don't think it is a good idea. It still doesn't change the fact that Turncoat is a rather abusable/overpowered spell because of the effect it has on Units.
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    Default Re: [Keeper spell] Madness

    I was actually proposing that Hero turncoat would be erratic and never grab more than one extra unit. A crowd would not make it more effective, because the amount of creatures it will splash to is preordained, a set figure.

    As for Keeper vs Keeper battles and Hero vs Hero Battles... I see your point... but for Heroes without the full spash damage, it isn't that pressing. They only grab two units at a time. They both have access to it. It just becomes a little more prominent on the list of spells your going to consider casting, and gets a bit more love . Some spells will always be more powerful & effective than others... Inferno vs Lightning. It would probably be rather high on the list of spells you chose, but both have access to it and smart use on both sides should cancel each other out. You should probably slightly increase the Mana cost for Heroes anyway.

    As for Keeper vs Keeper, it is vice versa... the spell becomes less effective but some spells will always be more powerful than others. You won't use it as much, but its not like it matters because its equally less effective for both. The nature of Turncoat is that for Keepers it is better against Heroes, but that is just the nature of combat. You have to adapt to address who you are fighting.

    Personally I believe that makes gameplay & tactics more dynamic depending on who you fight, and it strikes me as a good thing.

    If that Hero is still too powerful, you can have the effect on the splash damaged creature be 'unstable' flickering on and off until it wares out, giving you the chance to pick them up and throw them in gaol until they recover.
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