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Thread: Conjurer

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeinCookie View Post
    Level 10 ~ Summon Defender
    Summons a copy of the highest level, most powerful creature that the Conjurer has come into contact with, determined by threat level, and then buffs its keys stats by 10-35%. Unlike with 'Summon Aide' the creature does not spawn with lowered health, armour and attack or with longer spell cool-downs, rather the reverse... these stats are buffed, along with the creatures speed. These duplicates are notably by a even brighter green aura which surrounds them. Up to one duplicate can be called in at once before the spells greys out, uncastable. This creature can rank, though cannot be directly manipulated if a Keeper controls the Conjurer. Other Conjurers cannot be duplicated.

    Sound good ?
    Remove the buffing of stats and it will be fine. The fact that it summons the strongest possible unit it can conjure combined with the fact that it doesn't suffer debuffs makes it a strong enough spell without the buffs.
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    I like the concept but the appearance doesn't appeal to me. Nevertheless keep up the good work; the idea's awesome

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