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Thread: Game doesn't play ingame music from CD

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    Default Game doesn't play ingame music from CD


    (sorry for my bad English (German)). I installed Dungeon Keeper Gold. I made the game playing successfully from hard drive and not from CD. Now I createt a .bin image with 6 .mp3 soundtracks. With the .bin a .cue file was createt, too. I mountet the .cue file with Daemon Tools Lite. When I open the virtual drive, the PC shows me the 6 tracks. Now I open the game and I go into a level, the game doesn't play the music. Why? Do I have to pt the virtual CD in, after I staret a level?No, this doesn't work, too. Why can't I play the music? Should it be a real CD?

    Please help me!

    Yours sincerly

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    Default Re: Game doesn't play ingame music from CD

    Make sure that the (virtual) CD is in the first CD-ROM drive.

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