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Thread: Dungeon Twister like mode.

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    Default Dungeon Twister like mode.

    I doubt many people here have played the board game dungeon twister, but it's basicaly a game where each player has a variety of creature/characters of different strengths, and has to score points by getting his creatures off the board through where the other plaer starts, while also using his cretaures to stop the other player form doing so. For instance you might keep the big warrior or troll (trolls are big in this) back to defend at the start, while rushing your goblin through the other side, because being a weaker creature, he gets more points for getting across.

    I'm not sure if I'm explaining it well or not, but if you follow, I think something like that could work nicely as a game mode for dungeon keeper, With 2 teams and each player in possesion of a creature, done in quickfire rounds like counterstrike.

    Probably not something for main focus, but I had the idea now so I thought I'd put it up now, and if you do like it, it's something that could perhaps be added in later, or even just modded

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