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Thread: DK 2 with windows 7

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    Default DK 2 with windows 7

    I am trying to get DK2 downloaded to my computer...i loved that game!!

    Can someone help me?? I am not an expert with computers....

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    Default Re: DK 2 with windows 7

    If your asking where to download DK2, I will not tell you due to illegal content.. not paying bla bla copyright.. but a simple Google search will help.

    I have had DK II running on 3 Win7 32bit & 64bit computers and all the below have worked for me.

    Make sure you are patched up to 1.73 patch

    As for running it on Win7 people have a number of problems running it but all seem to be able to fixed easy.

    Turn on Windows 2000 compatibility (right click on icon > Properties ), Turn off Visual Design support (in settings dk2.exe). Make sure no other background program is running as no process (probably d/l program - this will cause flickering Screen). Add "...\Dungeon Keeper II\dkII.exe" -32bitdisplay to DK2.exe starting options.

    If Black Squares instead of Textures are upcoming: Start Game. Go to settings ingame, go to graphics, disable Hardware support.

    If you are using a dual core, Start Game, press strg+alt+del, go to Taskmanager and disable cores until only one core is left for following processes: DKII.exe DKII.icd (this is for providing uncontrolled mouse moves ingame) Switch back to DK2 per TAB.

    Also note:

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    Default Re: DK 2 with windows 7

    I had to edit the registry to get DK2 to work on windows 7.

    You may experience a completely black screen behind the text on the main menu. This happens because the game isn't rendering the 3d graphics. To fix this, you have to run in software rendering mode. Unfortunately, the game defaults to hardware rendering mode every time you run it, and switching requires a restart. Here's what I did:

    Run "regedit" to open the registry. You'll find a lot of folders here. Don't touch anything other than what I directly tell you to.

    Open the folder "HKEY_CURRENT_USER". Inside that folder, open "software", then "Bullfrog Productions Ltd", then "Dungeon Keeper II", then "configuration" then click on the "video" folder. You should see a lot of values. Ignore msot of them, find the one called "Engine Id". Double click this value, and a small window should pop up. there should be a field with a single one digit number in the window. It probably says 2, and that's the problem. Change it to 4, click "OK", and then shut down regedit.

    Congratulations, your rendering issue is now fixed. Make sure you play in compatibility mode, or the game won't launch at all.

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