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Thread: WftO have moved to it’s own forum [ ] & company assembled

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    Default WftO have moved to it’s own forum [ ] & company assembled

    Hello everyone, just recently we have made a new company name and assembled a forum around a domain. It is this forum we are moving to, we cannot stay on Keeper Klan for development as we aren’t Dungeon Keeper game any more. However we will still have a section dedicated to us for discussion on Keeper Klan.

    Now for the company, we have went with Subterranean Games as the company name. We like it because it’s sort of a reference to underground things, which is something we were for a while. We assembled a Facebook and twitter page here:

    and twitter here:!/subterranean_g

    Both are not fully set up and lack a proper logo, the one we have is just a really quick temporary one we made up. It doesn’t reflect what the logo will be at all. Same with the forum, it uses the same temporary logo.

    So if you are part of Keeper Klan, or from any of our other groups and wish to join, please sign up at our new forums here:

    Thank you everyone!

    -WftO team
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