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    Default Scientist

    Read this first

    Name Scientist


    Health: Below Average
    Attack: Puny (Syringe) Average (Bonesaw)
    Armour: N/A
    Accuracy: Quite Accurate
    Agility: Decent
    Speed: Fast (Slow when with Abomination (see Abomination)
    Luck: Average
    Recovery Rate: Quick
    Intelligence: Very Intelligent
    Construction: Hates the workshop
    Training Rate: Fast
    Training Cost: Average
    Wage: 600 (1000 with Abomination)
    Gender: Male

    Level 1: Syringe (Puny Melee Attack)
    Level 4: Bonesaw (Average Melee Attack)
    Level 5: Calm*
    Level 7: Chicken**
    Level 10: Lethal Injection***
    * An ability used to stop an Abomination's Blood Crazed Rampage
    ** The Scientist coats an enemy in a bizarre chemical, turning it into a chicken for a short time.
    *** The Scientist injects an enemy with a poison that knocks out all remaining health and knocks the target unconscious, it has a very slow cool-down and will not work if the target is level 9 or 10.

    Information: The Scientist is a morbid human banished from the world above, he enjoys watching creatures suffer and tries to inflict as much pain as he can when he experiments. He dreams of creating life.

    Behavior in Dungeon: To the Scientist, you aren't a success until you have an Abomination. For this reason his Morale, Happiness etc. will cap at "Average" When he is alone.

    The Scientist is a massive fan of inflicting pain, and, like the mistress, will help torture subjects in the Torture Chamber. For this reason, he loves Mistresses and tries, unsuccessfully, to seduce them.

    When drunk, he will fiddle with a chemistry set (that he pulled from hammer space.) resulting in bizarre explosions of colored gas, turning himself into an assortment of animals etc. This act will boost the happiness of all watching, because they find it hilarious.

    Upon obtaining an Abomination, the Scientist's Morale and Happiness will maximize.

    The Scientist is a sensible gentleman, and will put his work above his entertainment.

    The Scientist does not like researching in the library, he wishes that the books are screaming, bleeding and begging for mercy.

    The Succubus will not seduce a Scientist if he has an Abomination.

    The Scientist is rather picky about what he eats, and tries to go for newly hatched chickens over older ones.

    To the Scientist, his work is his entertainment. Working in the Dark Hospital will increase his happiness.

    If he has an Abomination, he will move at the same speed as the Abomination.

    Battle Style: He is easily scared when alone, if he has an Abomination, he generally hides behind it. If the Abomination is low on health he will try to pull it out of combat.

    If his Abomination is on a Rampage and begins attacking allies, he will Calm it.

    He will try to Chicken the first enemy that attacks him.

    He will deploy the Lethal Injection onto the highest level enemy he can get close to.

    Jobs: Research, Train, Experiment

    Obtainable By: Keeper, brought in through Portals, Torture, Finding them etc.

    Hates: Good-Good creatures like Angels or Fairies

    Loves: The Abomination, The Mistress

    Anger reaction: He tries to steal as much money as he can Then leaves the Dungeon

    Lair: One of those beds with straps you find in Insane Asylumns.

    Appearance: Like a medieval doctor, Syringe in left hand (Bonesaw from level 4 up) and he wears a blood stained white apron, brown shirt and leather trousers. He is a balding middle aged man with small glasses.

    Attracted by: The Laboratory

    Mentor Quotes: “Ah, A Scientist has wandered into your Dungeon. He enjoys walks on the beach and inflicting as much pain as he possibly can. Be careful, he is a fragile man but will aid you through his deadly and painful experiments in the Laboratory.”

    see also: Abomination
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