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    The Silent Support


    Creature Name: Amaniah "Amie"
    Creature type: Warlock
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Current level: 1
    Gold on pocket: 0
    Status: Alive
    Personality: Quiet, loyal, friendly, hard-working, helpful.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Strengths: Researching, supporting, scouting, watching the dungeon, quite hard to annoy.
    Weaknesses: Manufactoring, being in the centre of battle, dealing considerable damage,
    Likes: Weaker creatures, pleasing the Keeper, Researching, wandering the dungeon, supporting the other creatures, feeling helpful to others.
    Cocky creatures, creatures that doesn't require help or support, being unuseful.

    Level 1: Attack (Fists)
    Level 2: Heal Creatures
    Level 3: Sight
    Level 3: Meteor
    Level 4: Protect Creature
    Level 5: Flight Creature
    Level 6: Speed Creature
    Level 8: Invisibility
    Level 9: Summon Skeleton
    Level 10: Teleport

    Amaniah has long gray/white hair and crystal blue eyes, with smooth, white skin, she's absolutely beautiful, and looks like she's much younger than she actually is. she wears a
    cloth bra with gold plating on the edges, forming some sort of magical symbol. She wears a pair of dark purple underwear with a gold belt, hanging from the front side of the belt is a long
    purple cloth that reaches down to her ankles, she also wears high purple boots with golden plated symbols on them.
    Attached with a golden chain on her belt is a book, containing personal notes of everything Amaniah has encountered, it works as a spell tome, a diary, and just a general book to keep track
    of important things. Amaniah is very, very protective when it comes to her book.

    Amaniah is a rather friendly, yet shy girl. She is mostly found alone researching or roaming the dungeon, even though she is the quiet type, she's extremely helpful, whenever a creature has any trouble, she'll try her best to help it.
    Amaniah has shown a smile only a few times, having it hard to express her feelings, she often remains with a neutral face expression.
    She's also very difficult to annoy, she doesn't care that much about money, but as long as she has her peace and quiet, food and space to roam, she won't bother the keeper too much.
    Still, she's rather loyal and loves to please her Keeper.

    Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Amaniah's past is till unknown, but might be revealed in the future.
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