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    Name: Tarkus the Bloody Handed
    Creature type: Black Knight
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Personality: Arrogant, hostile, quiet
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Current level: 1
    Strengths: Melee/Hand-to-Hand, Killing/Torturing helpless Heroes
    Weakness: Ranged Combat, Traps, Fast enemies
    Loves/likes: Black Knights, Training
    Hates/dislikes: Heroes, Traps
    Level 1: Attack
    Level 7: Rebound
    Level 10: Ivy Blood
    Level E4/14: Rebound +
    Level E9/19: Word of Power
    Most Powerful Foe Slain: None
    Body Count: None
    Other things: Named for his left gauntlet, which is, as you can guess, crimson. He can work in the Workshop, but not as well as a dedicated workshop person. He uses an Axe and a Tower Shield, along with armor typical to Black Knights.
    Realm: Northland Iceland
    Biography: Tarkus was a former Knight, largely considered to be one of the finest duelers in Heavenarius. Most of this was due to being trained when he was old enough to pick up his sword, by his father’s suggestion. He spent a most of his time with the Heroes, fighting off incursions within the realm, felling anything from Goblins, Orcs, and rumor goes that he snapped the neck of a Horned Reaper in a brutal duel which left his original armor in ruins. Since Keepers have begun raiding Heavenarius, Tarkus has walked with the Heroes to kill the foul creatures brought forth, but some part of him longed for a challenge. With this in mind, he rebelled against his former comrades, turning his blade against them in what they claim was a moment of madness. With his sword broken, he fled into the underworld, eventually emerging in the realm of Northland, his formerly silver armor now black and dirty, the same as his soul.

    Name: Garrit
    Creature type: Demon Spawn
    Gender: Male
    Age: ?
    Personality: Chatty, easily excited, noisy, hyper
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Current level: 1
    Strengths: Gnawing on things, biting things, sneaking, fast
    Weakness: Heavy-hitting enemies, Enemies with Sight
    Loves/likes: Gnawing on things, eating, biting things, sneaking, chewing on things….. You get the point.
    Hates/dislikes: Knights, Wizards, Elven Archers
    Level 1: Frost Breath and Attack
    Level 2: Invisibility
    Level 4: Haste Self
    Level 7: Hailstorm
    Most Powerful Foe Slain: None
    Body Count: None
    Other things: Pitch-black Demon Spawn. He loves cold. His tail is close to that of a flail.
    Realm: Red Crystal Island
    Biography: Garrit is a Demon Spawn, originally residing in the cold regions of Winterchill with his family. He was a noisy, restless creature, with a nearly insatiable curiosity for everything around him. Although he really can’t read (as much as he wishes he could), he is always interested in books. Upon growing old and large enough, he left his home to explore the neighboring cold regions; however, he was bored at looking at ice every day. With exploration in heart, he left the cold behind, heading south toward a region he had heard about, one with a strange creature whose heart is outside its body, who resides in a series of islands far away from his original home.
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