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Thread: The Dark Beyond: Leto's Dungeon [Old Dark Beyond]

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    Default Re: The Dark Beyond: Leto's Dungeon

    Zaral gets up, suddenly restless, and paces around the room, quite thoroughly annoyed. "I swear, once I get back to Keeper Kuroki's realm, I'm going to beat that stupid skeleton with his own undead arm. I'll take a rib off and ram it up his skull. I'll ..." This "I'll" muttering went on for a long while. He looks around, and suddenly notes that Marteal is no longer in the realm. He gets quite annoyed, and moves to the Imps, watching them dig out the new Training Room, for he had nothing else to do except think thoughts of home, family, and Ragtag the Skeleton. After standing there for a while, he vanishes.
    A Dark Elf, whose features were unable to be discerned due to her robe enters through the portal and looks around. She walks to the sound of the beating heart. She bows to the Keeper."Hail, Keeper. I am Hayta, a Dark Elf" She walks away from the Dungeon Heart, and sets up her home in the Lair, northwest corner, then leans on the wall and waits.

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    Summary: Says hello to the Keeper, sets up home, and waits
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    Default Re: The Dark Beyond: Leto's Dungeon

    Grot de Groit

    Grot de Groit popped into existance.

    "Well ain't tha' somethin' tah write home 'bout, hammer! Tha' has nevah been happenin' to me bahfore, yah know."

    The Troll made his way to the dungeon heart.

    "Greetin' yah, Keeper. I'm a troll, yah know, an' they call me Grot, or occasionally, Grot de Groit if yah will. Is odd, I grant yah, but they go and does it anyways and teh like, so tha's tha' fah yah..."

    Grot belched and then stopped for a minute or two as cogs worked within his thick skull.

    "...well, just poppin' in tah say 'ello. I supose I'll be off again soon..."

    The troll walked out towards the lair, when he promptly disappeared again.

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