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Thread: DB Rules [Old Dark Beyond]

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    Default DB Rules [Old Dark Beyond]

    1. The Dark Beyond can only be accessed by existing, living Creatures. To enter the realm, your Creature must be asleep in his lair (if in a realm), his/her Creature will then depart to the Dark Beyond, although his/her physical body will remain behind.

      • Any existing, living Creature can enter it. Even if the required rooms are not present.
      • Your Creature may spawn only at the following locations: Dungeon Heart chamber, Portal, or the Lair.

    2. Your Creature retains the same abilities he/she had in the physical world.
    3. With the lack of a body, levels are not applicable in the Dark Beyond.
    4. Gold in the physical world does not carry over, the reverse is also true for gold in the Dark Beyond.
    5. Unlike the other realms, there is no Creature limit.
    6. Unless deliberate, Creatures cannot actually die or fall unconscious in the Dark Beyond, they will merely wake up in the physical world as one would from a bad dream.
    7. Despite the lack of levels, god moding is still completely out of the question. God moding is for example taking over another player's character, hitting a character with an attack. See below for an example.

      Player A: Character A throws a punch at Character B.
      Player B: Character B dodges the attack, grabs Character A and throws him out of a stained glass window. Character A flies at Character B, who warps behind him and slashes Character A in the back.

      The only exception to this is when the Dungeon Keeper himself takes control of your character/creature!

      Also, take Hero abilities into account when 'fighting' them.
    8. Board rules still apply in all RPG posts. This includes no swearing.
    9. Making up something outside the area that is playable must be consulted with me first.
    10. The creator of the RP has the power to boot you out of the RPG if they see fit.
    11. No killing another player's creature. Killing is not allowed unless the owner of that creature has agreed to having his/her creature killed in the RPG.
    12. No spamming in the RPG threads, give others a chance to post as well!
    13. As always there is a required minimum of two full sentences and two full lines of text for EVERY post.
    14. And again, one of the MOST IMPORTANT, don't leave home without it, forget it and die, rules is: HAVE FUN!
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