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Thread: Help playing my map.

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    Default Help playing my map.

    I finally figured out how to make my map show up on the list but when i click to play it it crashes. When i go to change settings all creatures are set to 0 so I thought it was something wrong with the portals I put in the game. Is there a limit to how many portals I put in a map? Please know that I am bad with computers so I may need to be baby stepped through it. I dont know how to upload my map onto the site otherwise I would. Its just a test map at first so it isnt detailed but I have 2 keepers with a heart and a few portals for each player.

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    Default Re: Help playing my map.

    Uh Archer, this is the DK2 Mapmaking section, not DK1.

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    Default Re: Help playing my map.

    Well, there can be many reasons why the map crashes, the best way would be to just upload your map here. Copy your map from the DK2 maps folder (all seven parts) and paste them into a new folder. If you reply here you click 'Go advanced' and then you scroll down to 'Manage Attachment'. With that you an upload the files directly here, though it would be wise to put them in an archive before if you know how to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothrayas View Post
    Uh Archer, this is the DK2 Mapmaking section, not DK1.
    Hehe, post is deleted, doesn't belong here.
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