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Thread: Multiplayer in DosBox

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    Default Multiplayer in DosBox

    Anyone tried it?
    Supposedly DosBox emulates IPX. Meaning you can play a net or lan game. But I have been reading around and apparently IPX is a no go in the DOS version of DK. I have never tried it because no one I know likes DK. :/

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    Default Re: Multiplayer in DosBox

    yep I have tried it and it works perfectly with me but you can only play on lan i think

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    Default Re: Multiplayer in DosBox

    Hi me and a friend are wanting to play multiplayer DK1 using DOSBOX. Could someone post a step by step way of doing this.

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    Default Re: Multiplayer in DosBox

    Enjoying multiplayer games on LAN in Dosbox

    After that, just create a IPX game in Dungeon Keeper. If you wanna play online, you can use the same method along with YANG.
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