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Thread: new patch on gog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrmcast View Post
    If anyone knows the details of how exactly Good Old Games fixed the graphics through the executable with their patch .DLL, I'd be very interested.
    You can ask timeslip.

    She is also around at the gog forum.

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    Default Re: new patch on gog

    Re: Getting GOG DKII to 1.5

    If I may, Wyrmcast, give the same advice here as in the other post (since it's more relevant here and I don't want to bother Skarok anymore ^^; ).

    I basically installed the newest GOG DKII (payed for it when the 1st GOG version came out, the updated version is free after that.), then followed Wyrmcast's GIM (General Improvement Mod) manual installation instructions, except step 3. Load the DKII.exe, not anything else. Seems to work out of the box like that. I also add ' -32bitdisplay -32bittextures -nointmouse' to a shortcut of DKII.exe. If you encounter a black screen due to the hardware acceleration, this is a work around, but only works if you have a NVIDIA Control Panel afaik.

    The result is... Great stability, it never crashes. I can crank it up to 1024x768 with 32-bit colour settings AND it retains the hardware acceleration. Plus best of all I get the old 1.5 Keeper AI which is much better then 1.7.

    My system is:
    win7 pro x64
    nvidia geforce GTX 660

    EDIT: ALSO, with 1.5, you can play the awesome and new The Kasabian Campaign and Rex's redesign of the original DKII campaign levels. Both very challenging and fresh.
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    Default Re: new patch on gog

    I have:
    WinDOS x64
    Geforce GTX 650

    I am playing in 1920*1080.

    Did not have any issues thus far, except for no text in the in-game menus at all (just icons).

    Playing the Kasabian Campaign at the moment - and loving it.
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    Hello People,

    first of all, thank you for this great thread! It helped me to get this classic running again! (sort of)

    If I could revive this thread a bit, I'm starting to get a bit deperated with it... as it keeps crashing on me. I think it's nothing with graphics as I managed to get till mission 12 without stop. But then... no matter if with missions or skirmish, it keeps crashing on me after 3-5 minutes of gaming...

    I've attached the windows error report:

    Name of the app: DKII-dx.exe,
    Timestamp: 0x00000000
    Name of the module: DKII-dx.exe,

    Errorcode: 0xc0000005

    Error offset: 0x00192b9d
    ID of the error process: 0x16ac

    Please excuse the quick translation, it's in german...

    I updated everything and did a memcheck (8GB), as the error suposes a wrong / bad memory usage (normally)...
    I've tried the 1.7/3 , 1.8 doesn't actually really work and the GOG fix actually enables me to play with HW acceleration (shared ATI/Intel on laptop) but looks kinda crappier and still crashes.
    All regedits and additional commands on the shortcut applied, compatibilities and stuff cross checked.
    Win COmpatibility fix doesn't help much, Xp Mode doesn't even start.
    Single core designation of my i5...

    I admit, I'm a bit lazy to get a '98 SE VM to run and try there, but starting to feel it's the only possibility... it's a shame because it works actually pretty well... just I suspect it happens with map bigger then 90x90...

    Anyone having this?

    Appreciate the help!

    @Moderators: please excuse that this is kinda Thread hijacking, but didn't knew if this deserves an extra thread plus I didn't find anything similar...



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