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Thread: Ally with heros bug

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    Hi everyone, in my old Dungeon Keeper version if you try to ally, for example, player0 with heros (player_good), it will result in heros capable to open your doors and attack your Heart when your creatures will do nothing to stop it. I'm playing DzjeeAr's 6 levels pack with KeeperFX and this is fixed (I also tried to create a level with a hero near to my Heart and ally with heros and it worked properly). Now, since I patched a Dungeon Keeper Gold version of the game to obtain KeeperFX (and not my older version), i wonder: the bug is solved thanks to KeeperFX or it was already fixed in the Gold version?

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    It's fixed in KeeperFX only.

    Actually, not all of the conditions are fixed - heroes won't attack your heart, but will still see your dungeon as enemy dungeon.

    Also, it's possible that is some specific situation they will attack.

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    It can be a vantage, because Heroes will go towards your dungeon, they don't attack Heart, or Creatures, or rooms, they can still attack common enemies and so they act as special defencers... Anyway, thanks a lot for your answers
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