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Thread: Resolution, HELP!

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    Default Resolution, HELP!

    I have tried to run the game many times, but every time the same error occurs and I don´t know how to fix it.
    My .log says:
    Error: LbScreenSetup: Full screen resolution 640x480 (mode 28) not available
    Error: setup_screen_mode_zero: Unable to setup screen resolution 640x480x32 (mode 28)
    Error: setup_game: Unable to set display mode for legal screen

    In the FAQ there´s only mode 10; I have mode 28 and have no idea how to fix it.
    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Resolution, HELP!

    Do you use the latest version of KeeperFX? Is the KeeperFX.cfg file present? If yes, is the syntax correct for the resolution?
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    Default Re: Resolution, HELP!

    I´ve downloaded the complete version 0.40 from yesterday. So I think I got the latest version.
    I have a keeperfx.cfg file, but can´t find any errors. Here is my keeperfx.cfg file and my .log file: Click image for larger version. 

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    And I have the Dungeon Keeper CD.

    PS. I am a Apple User and to open the .exe files I downloaded wine via MacPorts. I just mention it.
    Again thanks.

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    Default Re: Resolution, HELP!

    The line:
    Full screen resolution 640x480 (mode 28) not available
    usually means that your video card or monitor claims it doesn't support 640x480.
    Edit the configuration file and change resolution into any supported one. Preferably select resolution close to 640x400.

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    Default Re: Resolution, HELP!

    640x400 doesn't work for me, butt 640x480 always works. That's strange.

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    Default Re: Resolution, HELP!

    Thanks for your help.
    I tried it many, many times and at last I gave up trying.
    I think it doesn´t work because -even with keeperfx- I still need a Windows-Computer and it doesn´t work on an Apple Computer.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

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