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Thread: Future patch ideas

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    Default Future patch ideas

    This is a brainstorming thread for what you would like to see in future patches

    Snuggledell: Beef up the (up to level 5 maybe?) a bit and have the Blue keeper get their portal from the beginning
    Wishvale: The Blue Keeper gets two faces of gem, as do you. Also, the hero base is a bit more expanded and there is an actual battle between the blues and heroes.
    Tickle: The gems closest to the rival keeper are connected to the Keeper's dungeon. However, you get 3 faces of gems in the bottom left corner of the map. Also, in order to prevent you from having ideas of blitzing the Keeper's dungeon, they could have a few or . Also, the Locate Hidden World special should be guarded somewhat (maybe a few or , or even a here?)
    Elf's Dance: Your gems are moved to the main body of gold to the right. You also get directly connected to the Green Keeper. The heroes get a bit of a beefing up.
    Tulipscent: (cosmetic) The Blue Keeper is changed to Yellow (strangely enough, they never had a Yellow keeper in the main campaign.) and their vampire should be lvl 8.
    Netzcaro: Dragons are available.

    should get an immunity to wind
    should have at either lvl 7 or 10
    should be able to use outside of possession

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    Hey Hades, I have programmed my own version of DK just like this, or very close. The fairies in Snuggy are Level 4 in my version, the heroes in the South of Elfy are Level 5 instead of 1. I also changed the enemy keeper's colors to add more variety. Sometimes you fight only a blue keeper, or only a green or yellow keeper, sometimes you fight blue and green, blue and yellow or green and yellow.

    As for dragons be immune to wind, good idea, they are very big creatures. Hornies should also be able to use their spell outside of possession.

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    Default Re: Future patch ideas

    Had another idea:

    Sleepiburgh - The rival keepers get instead of and get workshop from the beginning. They also start with a lvl 10 each

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