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    Name: Yegzil "Yegz"
    Creature type: Troll
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Personality: Easygoing, Lazy
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Current level: 1
    Gold on pocket: 0
    Strengths: Can detect, disable, and repair traps very well, as well as settle most arguments.
    Weaknesses: Can't be bothered to do much of anything, weak in battle.
    Loves/likes: Food, sleeping, gambling.
    Hates/dislikes: Doing work, arguments, rude creatures/heroes.
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 5: Speed Self
    Level 7: Grenade
    Most Powerful Foe Slain: -
    Body Count: 0
    Other things: His hammer has padding on one side of it so he can sleep on it.
    Realm: Faircoast Cavern

    Biography: If Yegzil was a hard-working troll, like most of them are, his trap and door manufacturing skills would be unrivaled, a prodegy among craftsman everywhere. That is, if he didn't find it a complete snooze-fest. He knows his stuff, but he usually can't be convinced to do any work without a healthy sum of gold is involved, or something of equal value that he can gamble with in his free time. When at his workstation, he can often be found sleeping on his hammer, which he padded with nonflammable cotton wool on one side just for this occasion.

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    Name: Tralk the Turtling Beetle
    Creature Type: Beetle
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Personality: Meek, Shy
    Allignment: Lawful Good
    Level: 2
    Gold: 0
    Strengths: Has a hard shell that can take a lot of damage, special attack.
    Weaknesses: Not comfortable in direct confrontation, unless he's defending his lair.
    Likes: Reading, Exploring
    Dislikes: Intruders, Bullies
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 4: Protect Self
    Level 6: Rebound
    Level 8: Speed Self
    Level 9: Protect Other
    Level 10: Invulnerable

    Special Ability:
    Has the innate to slide around and tackle enemies, can occasionally get out of control, in which case he can only be stopped by the Hand-of-Evil or a foot. Can be kicked or slapped into a slide.

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: Doug the Giant, Level 2, K/O
    Body Count: 1
    Doug the Giant, Level 2, K/O

    Other Things: His pincers are smaller than most, making him do less standard melee damage.
    Realm: Northland Iceland

    Biography: Tralk is at heart, an explorer. At a very young age, he was searching the largest of caverns for cool trinkets and secrets. He was also bullied often, getting kicked around everywhere. This not only increased the thickness of his shell, but he eventually learned how to slide and how to control it, helping him bounce back at whoever kicked him to tackle them back. He soon got sick of being bullied, so he went out into the world to explore on his own.
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    Name: Doug the Doof
    Creature type: Giant
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Personality: Dumb, Stubborn, Aggressive
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Current level: 1
    Gold on pocket: 0
    Strengths: Strong enough to stop a boulder.
    Weaknesses: Not smart enough to stop a boulder.
    Likes: Beating everything up.
    Dislikes: Annoyances and reading.
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 8: Haste

    Giant Abilities:
    Can walk in Lava, Immune to Wind

    Special Ability: Rage
    He does more damage as he takes damage.

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: N/A
    Body Count: 0
    Other things: His right arm is 1.5 times the size as a normal giant arm while his left arm is 1/3 normal size.
    Realm: Northland Iceland (For now)

    Biography: Doug likes to break things. If it's shiny, he's gonna break it. If it's annoying, he's gonna break it. Let's just say he's been breaking things his entire life and he isn't gonna stop.

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    Name: Jinell the Corruptor
    Creature Type: Dark Mistress
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Personality: Demented, Controlling, and Flirty
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Current Level: 1
    Gold in Pocket: 0
    Strengths: Torturing/Converting Creatures/Heroes, Agile, Tempting Creatures/Heroes, Very Flexable
    Weaknesses: Flirts during Battle, Tends to take control of situations and disobey orders
    Likes: Firting with and dominating others, Torturing, Stretching
    Dislikes: Celebasy, anyone who practices it (priests most likely), and those who reject her advances.
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 5: Lightning
    Level 7: Speed Self
    Level 8: Thunder
    Level 9: Drain
    Level 10: Speed Other

    Special Ability: Arouse
    She uses her good looks and alluring charm to cause plesant tingling sensations in the target's nether regions. Affects both genders.

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: N/A
    Body Count: 0
    Other Things: She is amazingly beautiful and always smells like she's had recent sexual activity, which in turn acts as an aphrodisiac to others, and the smell is consistant, even after showering. Ironically enough, she's immune to STDs.
    Realm: Red Crystal Islands
    Appearance: Like the Elite Mistress (on the left) except her hair is black and all her clothing is glossy black latex and covers her main torso even less, meaning that even walking risks the chance of indecent exposure. Also, she lacks the latex leggings to show her legs more, has 8 inch stiletto sandals rather than the standard platform footwear, and her gloves are finger-less, having a retractable blade rather than the Wrist Blade most Mistresses have.

    Biography: Might not be safe for children...


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    Name: Andralia
    Creature Type: Tainted Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Personality: Dominant, occasionally aggressive, normally kind unless aggravated, stubborn to a fault.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Level: 1
    Gold: 0
    Strengths: Very skilled in melee combat, above average magic ability, very intelligent, immune to all non-keeper status effects, very resilient (resistant to stunning), can walk on lava.
    Weaknesses: Rather weak to Magic, cannot be effected by Protect or Invulnerability. bloodthirsty when angered, can only be buffed by Keeper Spells.
    Likes: Researching, Training, Fighting, Giving Orders.
    Dislikes: Doing Nothing, Being Ordered Around, Being Slapped, Being Tortured, Being Insulted.
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 4: Flight
    Level 7: Hailstorm
    Level 10: Word of Power

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: N/A
    Body Count: 0
    Other Things: Her Flight is not magical, she uses her wings for a short period of time. And occasionally, she goes into a rage, causing her blows to hit harder, but she doesn't care what she hits.
    Realm: Northland Iceland
    Appearance: Andralia is a little taller than your average Dark Angel. She has deep violet skin and her demonic wings are a light purple. Her eyes are bright crimson, and she has short, slightly curled horns pointing out of her shoulder length black hair. She has medium sized hooves and is wearing steel-plate armor, covering the front part of her torso, her shoulders, and her legs. She uses a halberd as her main weapon, as it allows her to slice as well as charge. As she has wings, she usually carries it around rather than having it put away on her back so she can move them.

    Andralia's upbringing would not be one would call normal. Her mother is a very headstrong Dark Angel, while her father is a vicious and beastly Horned Reaper. The angelic being took it upon herself to tame this violent demon, resulting in her being on the receiving end of rather painful rape scene. This forceful joining resulted in a child named Andralia, who wasn't quite Dark Angel nor Horned Reaper, but rather a mix of the two, a Tainted Angel. She was raised mostly by her mother, who now wore a chastity belt 24/7 as she continued trying to tame her father. This caused many fights, most of them being physical, and also influenced Andralia's temperament when she does get angry. Around the age of 19, Andralia left, hoping to get away from the stresses of her family and also in search of adventure.

    Tainted Angel Basic Creature Template

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    Name: Omervium/Ravilus
    Creature Type: Black Knight/Keeper Spirit
    Gender: Male/Male
    Age: 27/Ageless
    Personality: Blunt, Wrathful, Fearless, Cold-hearted/Laid Back, Friendly, Outgoing, Risk-taker
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Neutral Evil
    Level: 2
    Gold: 0
    Strengths: Omervium is highly trained in melee combat while Ravilus assists with his magic, although weakened from Keeper Spells to slightly stronger Creature Spells, along with Ravilus being able to communicate through telepathy.
    Weaknesses: Ravilus's spells require cooperation on Omervium's part, meaning he cannot attack during casting and spells are focused through his sword.
    Likes: Fighting, Training/Meeting new people, Training his Magic abilities, Gambling
    Dislikes: Mercenaries, Marksmen, Those who killed his family/Heroes allied with King Lionheart, Those who make fun of his 'situation'
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 3: Sight
    Level 4: Spit Fire
    Level 7: Fireball
    Level 10: Thunder

    Special Ability: Overcharge
    At level 4, Ravilus can light Omervium's sword ablaze, dealing bonus fire damage every strike. The flames get more powerful at level 7, dealing even more damage. This slowly drains Ravilus's mana reserves.

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: Guillermo the Knight, Level 2, K/O
    Body Count: 1
    Guillermo the Knight, Level 2, K/O

    Other Things: Ravilus cannot possess others and Omervium cannot be possessed by others because of Ravilus. Also, as Ravilus uses more magic, his ability to communicate and his telepathic voice becomes steadily weaker until he can regenerate it back.
    Realm: Northland Iceland
    Appearance: Omervium wears his father's armor and wields his Bastard Sword; the breastplate is a bloodied dark silver thanks to many engagements. He has a pulsing red glow around him, similar to a Dungeon Heart, as Ravilus is within him.

    Life was never easy for Omervium. Since he was a child, his father, Bobby the Barbarian Knight, expected the very best from him in everything he did. Being a veteran warrior during the War for the Overworld, Bobby taught him everything he knows about combat. Proud of his son's accomplishments, he gave Omervium his prized breastplate and bastard sword as a gift. The local Lord of the Keep was jealous of Bobby's achievements, and framed his father for crimes against humanity, sending him to the gallows. Before he was killed, he told Omervium to get him and his mother out of the city. Using the training he learned from his father and his gift, Omervium fought his way out of the city with mother in tow. Nearing the edge of the city, they were ambushed by city guards. He defeated them with ease, his combat prowess vastly surpassing the guards. Landing the final blow, he heard a gasp from his mother. She had been shot in the heart by an arrow obviously intended for him. Enraged, he killed most of the City Guard as he pursued the marksman, but he got away. Vowing for vengeance, he joined the very group that his father fought against for so many years: the Keepers. In doing so, he met Keeper Ravilus.

    Ravilus was a very relaxed Keeper who believed that the best way to command a group of creatures was to be their friend, not their leader, only stepping in for major events or conflicts. He prided himself in being the most non-demanding Keeper there ever was. Additionally, he was never one to make traps or doors, relying on his fighting force to defend himself. Wanting to weaken King Lionheart's keep in Glorydale from behind, he made the rather gutsy decision of trying to take over Sagecoast as a base of operations.

    Arriving in Ravilus's realm, Omervium learned about life in a dungeon. He met many of the different creatures, most of which were friendly and accepting. This confused him, but he eventually got used to it. He learned about the different rooms, their uses, and purposes. He also became friends with Ravilus, discussing battle tactics and the twisted nature of kings and lords. After a year of lurking silently, Ravilus decides to make his move against General Emeline, using tactical advice from Omervium. Needless to say, his lack of judgement in defenses along with his sub-par leadership skills got the majority of his creatures killed, leaving him with Omervium and a handful of others against Emeline's finest.

    They fought their hardest against the heroes, but hope was bleak. They were losing. Holding onto the last shrivel of hope, Ravilus possessed Omervium just before the final blow was struck, transferring all of the magical power that he could muster with him. Now in Omervium's body, he felt the connection within himself sever as he saw the blade destroy his Dungeon Heart. But he wasn't dead. Empowering Omervium with his magic, they made their way to the portal, clearing the way as they went. They managed to enter the portal just before it collapsed behind them. Now safe, they discuss their situation. Omervium allowed Ravilus to use his body as his new heart, not only because they were close friends, but also because once Ravilus regains some of his magical ability, he can use it to assist Omervium, giving him another weapon in his quest for revenge. Leaving Sagecoast with new knowledge and perspective, they search for a Keeper who can put their talents to good use.

    Dialogue: FF4E40/4577D4
    Thoughts: BF8D30/259238
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    Name: Charm (The Unlucky One)
    Creature Type: Rogue
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Personality: Fearful, Traumatized, Unlucky, Cold, Introvert, Cautious, Paranoid
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Level: 1
    Gold: 0
    Strengths: Charm has gotten really good at spotting traps and anything else she might accidentally trip over, including microscopic cracks. She can pick locks and disable traps, but with a caviot, see Weaknesses. Because of her unluckiness, she has avoided bladed weapons altogether, instead specializing in unarmed combat, leaving her fast but still quite deadly.
    Weaknesses: Charm's unluckiness means that it takes her way longer than other rogues to pick locks and disarm traps to make sure she doesn't accidentally trigger the trap or break locking mechanisms that make them permanently locked. Dodging attacks often out her in the path of more dangerous and difficult to dodge dangers. Her invisibility/speed also wears off at the worst of times.
    Likes: Training, Practicing disarming traps & unlocking doors, lucky things happening to her
    Dislikes: Being unlucky, Gambling, Bullies, Cheaters
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee
    Level 3: Sight
    Level 5: Invisibility
    Level 8: Speed Self

    Special Ability: Unlucky Aura
    Everyone in a 10ft radius of Charm shares her unluckiness to an extent. Critical fails are more likely for all affected.

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: N/A
    Body Count: 0
    Other Things: Charm is covered with 'good luck charms' in order to fight her unluckiness. These include a 4-leaf-clover in her hair, a rabbit's foot on a string around her neck, and a loaded die with all 6s. However, when she rolls the die, she somehow gets a 1. Everyone else gets 6s though. Her voice also sounds cute and innocent, no matter what her emotion is, and she can't change it.
    Realm: Northland Iceland
    Appearance: She has medium-length raven black hair that she always keeps in a pony tail or a bun, depending on the circumstances. She is rather attractive, with average breasts and a slim figure, wearing a light blue sports bra and yoga shorts to allow freedom of movement. Her skin is tan and she is fit from practicing hand-to-hand combat.

    Biography: Gonna make you ask for this one.
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    Name: Spath/Freth
    Creature Type: Lightning Demon Spawn/Ice Demon Spawn
    Gender: Male/Male
    Age: 14/14
    Personality: Hyperactive, Friendly, Enthusiastic/Cold, Distant, Introvert
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral
    Level: 1
    Gold: 0
    Experience: (0/15)/(0/15)
    Training Rate: 1.25/1.25
    B/C Literacy: (0.8/0.8)/(1.2/1.2
    B/C Skill: (0.9/0.9)/(0/0)
    Strengths: Specializes in Lightning Abilities, Very Quick, Ok Manufacturer/Specializes in Ice Abilities, Excellent Researcher, Unparralled Focus
    Weaknesses: Too energetic for his own good, Too hyper for Researching, low defense/Refuses to work in the Workshop, Tends to keep to himself, lack of melee offensive, lack of defense
    Loves His brothers and sisters, food, playing with others, running/His brothers and sisters, solitude, reading
    Likes: Demon Spawns, Dragons, Lightning, Gold, Friendly Creatures, Sleeping/Demon Spawns, Dragons, Ice, Gold
    Dislikes: Unfriendly Creatures/Being Bothered
    Hates: Hell Hounds, Salamanders/Hell Hounds, Salamanders
    Normal Abilities:
    Level 1: Melee/Melee
    Level 2: Lightning/Ice Shard
    Level 4: Haste/Sight
    Level 5: Thunder/Freeze
    Level 6: Vigor Self/Invisibility
    Level 8: Bolting/Hailstorm

    Most Powerful Foe Slain: N/A
    Body Count: 0
    Other Things:
    Realm: Northland Iceland
    Appearance: Basically a Yellow Green Demon Spawn/Basically a Cyan Demon Spawn.
    Lair Appearance: Bunch of skulls and shiny things.
    Biography: Six Demon Spawns. One Mother.

    Dialogue: Yellow Green/Cyan
    Thoughts: Light Green/Teal

    Brothers and Sisters:
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