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Thread: KeeperFX and GOG's DOSBox version

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    Default KeeperFX and GOG's DOSBox version

    I don't know how I missed this game at the time, but I got Dungeon Keeper from GOG just before Christmas and it is absolutely fantastic!

    I can get it to play full screen with no problem, but I need to zoom out a bit as it were, so I looked for something similar to Pentagram for Pagan Ultima VIII which allows you to change the original resolution from 320x240 to 640x480 and have a much wider field of view without distortion.

    So, does KeeperFX work with the DOSBox version of Dungeon Keeper from GOG, or does it HAVE to have the original CD?

    Many Thanks


    PS relevant system specs:

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 3072MB
    Dell U2410 24" 1920x1200 widescreen flat panel
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
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    Default Re: KeeperFX and GOG's DOSBox version

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    Default Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon


    My other thread is locked already so I had to start a new one.

    I checked the links from mefistotelis' reply at these locations:

    I changed GAME.GOG to Keeper.iso and used that as the disk image for the virtual drive. The links say to use Daemon Lite to mount the virtual drive to A:\ or you'll get no sound. However, Daemon Lite will only allow letters above F:\ and I cannot get it or Windows 7 to let me change the drive letter.

    So what do I do now?

    I'm afraid I am dumb enough to need a step by step, like "Install here", do this, do that etc. Like, what is a DT Drive? Which should I choose for a Virtual CD drive? I cannot find a conf or CFG file that has settings for the drive the game is mounted to and I cannot make the virtual drive A:\.

    I have DK from GOG running fine in full screen @1920x1200, I just want higher resolution so the viewable zoomed out map area isn't so small. I prefer to see what's going on around my imps! Pentagram for Pagan Ultima does a similar thing very well, but I am having trouble with the technicalities of installing KFX.

    Any help very gratefully received.



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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon

    It seem I overmoderated your post by locking it too fast.
    Re-opened and merged it.

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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon


    Well, I'm getting fed up now. I tried mounting the virtual drive as G:\ and KFX is trying to extract files that do not exist in the Keeper.iso image.

    The opening video plays but then it crashes and says that a bunch of files like something could not be copied. I looked in the mounted iso and they don't exist.

    So any suggestions?



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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon

    If it's of any help I get error 5 (access denied) in the installer.

    I have myself as administrator and I have full control and am running dfk as administrator. But it will not install. Even though it says it has installed and is ready to play, NONE of the files have been copied.


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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon

    Try copying the files from CD somewhere on disk, and then selecting the copied KEEPER folder.

    Some people have contacted me with "error 5" before, but I don't know what's causing it. In new launcher, I will change the way of copying files.

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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon


    I find that sometimes I cannot write to *.conf files etc which are in Programs or Programs(x86). I don't like to disable UAC so I gave myself Full Control under the security tab for the directories for My Application and GOG Games, tried with G:\ as a virtual drive, ran everything as Administrator and it seems to be working now, including sound!

    I am reasonably au fait compared with the average layman but I am no expert by any means at all. Sometimes the tech readme and instructions are very frustrating as they assume a certain level of knowledge and experience. If I have done something similar before (like using DOSBox for Daggerfall, MoM etc) then I can usually work things out, but sometimes I have no idea and the instructions don't seem to say what to do.

    EG, with a complete novice, it's no good saying "you have to mount the drive" as he'll have no idea what that means, never mind how to do it. And saying "you need a pentagram.conf in AppsData pointing to Pagan" is no good if he doesn't know where AppsData is, what a conf file is and where Pagan is. I managed to get Pentagram working in a few hours, and now KFX is working, but it's taken me half the day.

    Well, it's working now, I just have to try and get the map to be higher res without the menu being too small. I also discovered I cannot use my old saves (I was on level 10), so I started again. Is the Original Campaign the same as in DK1, as I don't remember the first two dungeons?

    Awesome mod, by the way. There are ton of other dungeons in there as well, but like most of these things it just needs a little clearer documentation for noobs saying exactly what to do!

    Thanks very much!


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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon

    Sorry for that, after years spent repeating the same words over and over, it's easy to lose perspective.

    Maybe you could find some time to write an easier guide "how to install KeeperFX on GOG's DK"?

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    Default Re: Still Can't Use KeeperFX with Daemon

    Well, maybe I could. I could maybe document what I did, at least. I don't know why people had sound trouble in those links and mounted to A:\, as it worked for me with G:\ after all.

    I know from my own profession that it's a difficult thing when you are steeped in technical knowledge to remember how some people may have absolutely none at all. A Total Noob needs a step-by-step in addition to the more technical stuff.

    Maybe you could correct any technical errors I make, but this is my basic understanding? If I can understand this, anyone can! You are welcome to include it as a separate file in your mod if you like. Just credit it to Shadowblade.


    Total Noob Guide to Running KeeperFX with Dungeon Keeper from GOG

    by Shadowblade

    To run KeeperFX with GOG's Dungeon Keeper, you need to create a Virtual Drive to simulate a CD ROM drive as KeeperFX was designed to use the original CD. This simulation is technically known as "emulation".
    A Virtual Drive is an area of memory that is configured so the computer thinks it is a physical CD drive. It "emulates" a real CD drive.
    When the Virtual Drive is configured and enabled properly it is known as "Mounting the Drive"
    To Mount the drive you can use special software such as Daemon Tools Lite.
    You also need an image file of the original CD, which will be mounted on the virtual drive so that the computer will read it as if it is a physical disk.
    In GOG's version of DK, this image file is called GAME.GOG.
    After installing DK from GOG, you must find this file and make a copy and rename it KEEPER.ISO so it can be read as a CD Image in the Virtual Drive.

    You will need:

    1. DK from GOG (setup_dungeon_keeper_2.0.0.2.exe) from here (must be purchased)
    2. KeeperFX (Keeper FX 0.40.exe) from here (free)
    3. KeeperFX patch ( from here (free)
    4. Daemon Tools Light (DTLite4461-0327.exe) from here (free)
    5. WinZip (EG winzip16-64.exe) from here (free)

    Some files will be downloaded as *.exe files - these are self-extracting executables which will install the programme for you. Put them in a safe place such as a folder called GOG KeeperFX on the desktop and double left-click on them to install them. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    BEWARE of installing tool bars, search engines and other things you don't want which are often bundled with free software. Just click NO or deselect any such things.
    Some files will be downloaded as compressed *.zip, *.rar or *.7r files. These can be unzipped (decompressed) with WinZip or WinRar. Put them in their own folder inside GOG KeeperFX, right click on them and select "Extract Here"

    If you do not have WinZip you need to install that before you can unzip any Zip files.

    1. WinZip to C:\Program Files (x86)\WinZip
    2. DK from GOG to C:\GOG Games\Dungeon Keeper
    3. KeeperFX to C:\Programs (x86)\My Application
    4. Daemon Tools Lite to C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite


    This places Launcher.exe and Launchermn.jpg in the folder.
    Copy these to C:\Program Files (x86)\My application and overwrite the originals to patch KeeperFX.

    For KeeperFX to work, you now need to let the programme know where the original CD image file is so that KeeperFX can use resources from it.
    This is where you have to Mount the KEEPER.ISO image as a Virtual Drive.

    Anyway, that's a start off the top of my head. I'm tired now, so I'll finish it later.



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