Hello People,

first of all, thank you for this great thread! It helped me to get this classic running again! (sort of)

If I could revive this thread a bit, I'm starting to get a bit deperated with it... as it keeps crashing on me. I think it's nothing with graphics as I managed to get till mission 12 without stop. But then... no matter if with missions or skirmish, it keeps crashing on me after 3-5 minutes of gaming...

I've attached the windows error report:

Name of the app: DKII-dx.exe,
Timestamp: 0x00000000
Name of the module: DKII-dx.exe,

Errorcode: 0xc0000005

Error offset: 0x00192b9d
ID of the error process: 0x16ac

Please excuse the quick translation, it's in german...

I updated everything and did a memcheck (8GB), as the error suposes a wrong / bad memory usage (normally)...
I've tried the 1.7/3 , 1.8 doesn't actually really work and the GOG fix actually enables me to play with HW acceleration (shared ATI/Intel on laptop) but looks kinda crappier and still crashes.
All regedits and additional commands on the shortcut applied, compatibilities and stuff cross checked.
Win COmpatibility fix doesn't help much, Xp Mode doesn't even start.
Single core designation of my i5...

I admit, I'm a bit lazy to get a '98 SE VM to run and try there, but starting to feel it's the only possibility... it's a shame because it works actually pretty well... just I suspect it happens with map bigger then 90x90...

Anyone having this?

Appreciate the help!