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Thread: Spell casting - target

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    I think that all spell should be castable on the SOE: the Lighting is weaker, and other spells works only in your own territory (so you can't use them already) or on your own creatures (so you can't use them already). So, yes, I think that should be possible, and should be in the level's Author interest to decide how it will works (for example, he cannot give the SOE or maybe can design a specific use for this and similar).

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    Thanks for the answer.

    Another thing: casting on enemy territory.

    Here's an issue which bring up the subject:

    Do you think Chicken and Disease should be castable on revealed enemy territory?

    What about Lightning and Cave-in?

    IMO Chicken should be castable - because it's a temporary spell which won't do any harm in a long term. Disease shouldn't be allowed to cast like this, as it can actually kill creatures, and if the player has no temple, effects could be permanent.
    IMO Ligtning and Cave-in should also be castable - but weaker (like the lightning already is).

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