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Thread: 1.73 Patch fragged my DK2

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    Default 1.73 Patch fragged my DK2

    EDIT: Ok, i found the thread. You should put this link into the Patch 1.73 download page so everone who need help can find it quicly.



    i tried the unofficial 1.73 patch and now i cant play the game anymore. 95% of my screen is dark. I can only see the text and in a crappy graphic.
    I reinstalled DK2 4 times, installed it with official patches. No results.
    Installed it without patches - Not working.
    I tried the bonuspacks - Not working.
    I opened the registry and deleted all dungon keeper 2 folders - Not working.

    So what can I do, that i can play DK2 again?

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    Default Re: 1.73 Patch fragged my DK2

    You can try to do a system recovery. It might work. did you use any -32biteverything or anything like that in the shortcut?

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