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Thread: Rescue the Avatar - Help!!!!

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    Default Rescue the Avatar - Help!!!!

    Hello All

    Thanks to KeeperFX, I've revived my old addiction
    And discovered something new along the way. Ancient Keeper!!
    Which I'm really enjoying but I'm stuck on Rescue the Avatar.
    I can't get past the start can someone help me?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Rescue the Avatar - Help!!!!

    Possess the Warlock immediately, go to the torture chamber and blow the out through the exit via wind. Use the and boulder traps to kill the . From there, DO NOT access the gems. You will get wiped out. Instead, build up a base (but leaving room for a treasure room around the gems), and pay the by hand. From there, dig to the south impenetrable rock and head due east. You will find a scavenger room with a steal hero. save the game and reload until you get a . Now you will understand why you shouldn't access the gems early in the game.
    or that is the question

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    Default Re: Rescue the Avatar - Help!!!!

    Thank you very much for the quick response but my Warlock has no wind power... Am I missing something?

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    Default Re: Rescue the Avatar - Help!!!!

    Press 8 when possessing a Warlock, and you will get access to the Warlock's wind.
    or that is the question

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    Default Re: Rescue the Avatar - Help!!!!

    i reached and just started this level, it is indeeed a very brutal start.
    I managed to free the avatar and killed all the reapers. Man it was a lot of restart and luck since things are going extemly quick and we have little controle of what's going on.
    I have now 2 boulders left, do you think i stand a chance against the mistresses ? So far i didn't find a way to kill them all.

    EDIT: Ok, I found myself the answer and won the level.
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