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    New to the forums, seasoned DK2 player, title explains it all

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    Add me on Skype?? SteezyJBaby

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    68 views and not one I on the wrong forum??

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    Keep in mind that "views" largely consist of Google bots, Baidu bots, BingBots and the like, as well as guests who don't post. That, and people like me who are not interested because they do not play Dungeon Keeper 2.

    Also, Dungeon Keeper 2 multiplayer is not exactly played a whole lot anymore nowadays. You may want to have a lot more patience, because you're probably going to be waiting for quite a while.

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    If you're looking for a random game then go on gameranger and find someone there, or create a game and wait for someone to join. Literally almost every time I go on there to play DKII, I get messaged by someone asking to join my game. Although it's annoying for me as I've already arranged my game's players, I'm sure it will be satisfying for you.

    Beyond random games, DKII is usually played via arranged matches with people they know. This applies to most people actively on KK. While a lot of people do sign up to find a game, said people tend to leave pretty quickly as they're usually impatient and don't want to wait around for someone to play. The people who do stay on KK usually stay for other reasons, such as for the community itself.

    I, for one, do not like playing random games. Most people tend to use 1.7, and I also very much hate the vanilla DKII to begin with. I only play my patch, which has not been released yet so only a select few have it. And in general I do not trust the playstyles of other Players. I know of someone on gameranger who actually believed using cheats in a multiplayer game was legit because 1.3 allowed it.
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    Thank you for telling me about Game Ranger, I never about this
    Hope to see ya on there sometime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaperZ View Post
    68 views and not one I on the wrong forum??
    I'm looking to play if your still interested, do you have gameranger?

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