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Thread: The Kasabian Campaign - Episode 1

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    Hm. So far I've tried out the RC3, Pro and version. Are there even more? xD

    Or do I need to run the editor from a 1.3 installation folder? I also like making maps, but it sucks that there are very cool options that I cannot choose from!

    I've now finished Butterflies and Hurricanes, which was surprisingly easy. Follow me took a while, but it was doable with a little Horned-Reaper-Possession shenanigans. Very nice concept for a level, I hope to see more of it . Will probably write a little bit more about how I tackled each level soon. I can watch my DK2 skills increase exponentially with each mission xP. I might even play the campaign a second time just to see what I'd do different or more efficient. Both thumbs up!
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    You have to run the editor from a 1.3 installation to make maps for 1.3 yes.

    Just like how you need an editor in the GOG installation to make 1.5 or 1.7 maps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narachi View Post
    One question though, which editor did you use to make the levels? I cannot find any editor that gives me both the "Create Creature" option as well as the possibility to make enemy keepers directly get level 6 creatures out of portals. So far the Level-6-lamers always put up the best fights xP.
    Pretty much we use DK2 Editor Pro, which is superior to the default / official DK2 editor. RC3 is only useful for a few very specific things like adding actions to Heroes within a Hero Party, adding Lair / Hatchery tiles, or changing certain details within Level Variables that for some reason are locked out of other versions. RC3 is otherwise very buggy.

    The "Create Creature" option, are you referring to making a minion spawn directly on the map or force spawn a creature from the portal? In the case of the former, basically right click on any trigger and you normally have "Add Trigger" and "Add Action" to use but you should also have "Add Creature Action" which allows you to spawn a creature. I recommend saving before editing the spawned creature's settings like ownership and level because it can crash under certain circumstances (I forget which). If you're looking to spawn a creature from the portal, then you go to Add Action and then there's the Creature Tab all the way to the right that handles that. As a note, anything that doesn't come out of the portal normally will spawn just fine but it will be stuck at the bottom of the portal as there's no programming for that creature's entrance to get them to move forward a tile like with normal spawned creatures.

    Although, Enemy Keepers spawning higher level minions from the portal is a normal feature. DK2 AI cheats a bit. The AI enters an 'attack mode' once certain conditions are met, and it will only leave attack mode once something breaks those conditions (usually after a set time or losing enough minions). When it enters attack mode, part of the attack mode conditions involve a certain number of creatures at a certain level, and what happens is all remaining creatures who aren't at that level will instantly jump to the appropriate level. Additionally, newly spawned creatures while the AI is in attack mode will also instantly jump up to the appropriate level. In your mentioned example, it's clear that this level is 6. That means it requires all minions to be level 6 or higher to enter attack mode, but has an exception rule for 5-7 minions to be less than that (I don't remember if the exception quantity is the exact same as the level requirement of the minions, or if it's the same + or - 1). Once it enters attack mode, those remaining 5-7 minions will all jump up to 6.

    This should answer your questions.
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    Hello and thanks for your elaborate reply (and for the awesome balance patch also used in this campaign from what I've read!) . I did not know about the AI "attack mode", but it's very interesting. No wonder the weirdest enemies were the most difficult to beat sometimes. At least now I know why the level 6 spawns stopped once I breached its Dungeon. And it also explains why some AIs didn't get the bonus when I attacked first. It's an amazing feature, steamrolling an opponent with a steady supply of fighters (lvl 1 don't count) makes it much more interesting. It's nice to know that it doesn't have to be implemented manually / the attack requirements are sufficient! I also started working ages ago with the Pro editor, but only made crappy stuff. The Kasabian campaign inspired me to try something a little bigger or at least better though, at least if I keep my motivation.

    //EDIT (before having posted...)
    Create Creature works now. I expected it to work like the Hero Party creation, but doh! You have to place the creatures ON THE MAP as well D:. Awesome, now I can do some additional stuff.

    OLD: Regarding the "Create Creature" option, I know and have found both of those. Generate works fine. But "Add Creature Action" opens the creature selection tab, and any selection I make will not be registered for the list (unlike for example the same selection screen for the hero party, that one works). The list remains empty, and because I have to "accept" an empty list, no action is added. I think I've had the same problem some years ago, but I have no memory of how I solved it back then and I also didn't really find anything when googling the issue, I guess the community is a bit small x]. Maybe I should dig in the mapmaking forum here, it's basically all there is :P. But so far I have a lot of fun playing around with terrain altering and camera movement in the editor.

    Regarding the topic itself, I'm still stuck on Animals :3. I cannot breach the Magic Door to Yellow quickly (cause 1.51), stomping Green with Goblins works nicely, but by the time I reach yellow and beat him down purple is roflstomping everything. Some more tries to go :P. I think I've already spent more time on this fan-made campaign than on most AAA games nowadays X]. And winning is much more rewarding!

    //EDIT 2:
    I've finally beaten Animals! I killed yellow, purple killed green, and then I had to kill purple with his 7 or so Portals with my 3 Portals, that was one hell of a slaughter. Afterwards I immediatly stomped Blue because he was obviously no match for an army that defeated Purple in an hour-long battle. Also, Purple's godlike turncoat spell was so annoying D:
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    Default Re: The Kasabian Campaign - Episode 1

    After finishing Darkshines, here's a more elaborate post about the first 10 levels, as promised:

    Nothing much to say here. I built up my Dungeon without opening up to the lake, trained all my creatures to level 5 (with 3 or 4 bile demons, those were essential), researched everything and at the same time dug up north near the west end of the map. Once everything was settled, I battled Dagon at his own Portal (first CTA, then I waited for my creatures, then opened the wall. a number of his creatures died to the inital burst while being knocked down). For some reason, he put the creatures in two piles, one around a corner, so by the time every creature of his engaged I already had the upper hand. As soon as I took his portal it was over, I just battled to his heart and beat him. Took me like 5 save reloads and a restart though because opening up too soon or too late caused some troubles.

    I enforced the guard room at the east end of the dungeon and crushed the heroes one after the other without too many problems. I managed to reach Olisha pretty fast seemingly, in front of the room just north of your dungeon behind the impenetratable rock. I had severe gold issues at that point, so I dug around the left side to the back of Olishas base and mined one of the large gold seams there, giving me more than 600k, enough for the rest of the entire match. I set up a trap room at the junction between my digging site and the hero fortress with lots of spike traps, lightning traps and barricades and waited for her assaults. Over the course of the next 6 or 7 attacks by her I thought twice that it was now time for a counter attack, only to find out that she just got a massive increase in strong creatures xO. Reload. Her high level vampires were a pain in the ass, so I reclaimed my gold mining area (because I had been pushed back to my trap room on both fronts), dug the walls to her graveyard and captured it by fooling the AI (it will not drop the same creature to defend it twice if it is still near the room). After that, no vampires, no problems, as I "defended" the graveyard against capture with the lightning spell while her army died. Then I attacked and crushed her without any problems. Took me a total of 3 save reloads.

    Panic Station
    First time I wasn't nearly efficient enough to rescue everything, but I got a good idea of how the reapers work. So I restarted (twice), freed everything and attacked the left flank of the big hero fortress. behind the (hero-) doors I saw purple already claiming tiles, so I switched my attention to the right flank and claimed it entirely, as green hadn't pushed out yet. I used the water to attack him with a reaper and Symbiosis, and that for some reason totally stopped all of his aggression (he stopped digging), but at the same time he gained the status of "I only spawn level 6 minions from my 2 portals", making an attack unfeasable at that point in time with only some reapers, a mistress and a knight. As my reapers were already fairly high (8-10) and purple was starting to claim my right flank, I chose to just rally my creatures at his dungeon heart (by slowly progressing), which seemed to work like a charm (Inferno. Inferno. Inferno.) until I hit his magic door (1.51 Dx). No chance of digging it down with imps at that distance because I had rushed in and didnt wait for claiming. So I walked my reapers through the door with symbiosis one-by-one (thanks enemy imps for cooperating and opening it), and I lost my level 8 reaper during that time, just like my mistress because of not being able to give attention to her healing while in symbiosis. With 3 reapers, all level 10 at this point, at his heart, he died rather quickly. Then I built up the dungeon, mined gold and trained creatures, managed to dig around green's left side once again, and with two reapers and some weaklings managed to breach his dungeon and kill him. After claiming his first portal (the place where I had breached), he lost his level-6-super status, however it was a tough fight because of the Inferno friendly fire. I also lost 1 reaper before the fight due to their moody nature, and 2 just weren't enough against the level 6 army with black knights and mistresses on their own.
    Then suddenly, a timer started. I figured there would be an attack when it ended, so I let my creatures rest and new creatures train and set up some traps. Then the attack started and I got stomped. Reload, different setup. Stomped. Reload, barricades everywhere erratically to slow their progress, concentrated all of my army in front of my main dungeon behind barricades, and managed to defeat the big wave coming for me because they got spread out better. The two side waves didn't pose a threat after that. I guess that last wave was greatly influencing the map name?
    Took me 2 restarts and loads of reloads because I had to learn about green's imba portals the hard way.

    First two times I got rushed down by green as I tried to keep both him and the heros at bay. Third time I set up a boulder trap in a corridor to his lake, and he didnt even attack once >.<. I killed and converted all of the heroes, and when I had 3 archers and 2 guards I attacked just crushed him, he didn't stand a chance. I got CTA from his library and used it to send my creature to the hero base afterwards. At that time the keeper in the south (blue?) thought it would be the perfect opportunity to rally his creatures to my dungeon heart (he didn't even connect to the fortress) and let them die one by one to my army. No problems, I answered by immediatly crushing him. Then I didn't spend too much time attacking the last and strongest keeper. The first try I attacked alongside his path and got stomped, because he also was in level-6-cheat-mode and I just couldnt deal with it. A reload later I decided to deviate from the path after initally killing most of his army, digging through the small hole that leads closer to his dungeon heart, and attack there, which proved to be successful. So all in all just two restarts and one save reload. Seemed easy after all.

    Interesting map. I used the same strategy in all of my 3 attempts with different gold digging patterns. I got as much as possible, dug a loooooong corridor around my dungeon and connected it to a welcoming trap room. The first keeper to attack me was yellow, and after an extensive battle in the room I had slain most of his creatures and counter attacked, only to notice that the bastard had built 5 (!) magic doors on the way to his dungeon. A lot of digging later I finally made it and killed him quite easily. Because the idiot had used all of his gold seams (and I literally mean all of it) on magic doors, 7 large lairs and 5 hatcheries, I got into severe money problems, so time was of the essence. I killed green by digging a sneak tunnel near his heart, then opening up to his dungeon from the front, luring his army to my trap room (at which point he CTA'd my heart), then giving a bile demon the invincibility spell, breaching him from the sneak tunnel and invading with my army (except 1 bile demon), dealing a finishing blow to his heart. I lost quite a number of creatures, but luckily mostly low levels. Blue posed a different problem though because he had reapers and knights and wasn't as dumb. I used exactly the same strategy, but he would also drop creatures to defend himself against my own breach. In the end I barely made it, as his army had already reached my heart and had severely managed it by the time he died. That was a fun race.
    Took 2 restarts and 3 or 4 reloads in the fight with blue to make the timings of my sneak attack perfect, because his army was just too strong.

    Butterflies and Hurricanes
    Oh boy. The first level where I needed tons of restarts because I got rushed by either blue, yellow or both (one from the back, one from the front). In my second game I noticed a strange unclaimed room near yellows dungeon, and I decided to investigate. I dug out all important parts near my own dungeon (especially the +Imps secret) and tunneled to said secret room to find a nice level 5 or so salamander. I used this path to also link blue and yellows dungeons (1 gold seam at each end). Blue already had started digging towards me, but I got to know his path quite well ( x[[ ), so I left the critical tile with two open sides towards my dungeon, because 3 imps can't dig faster than 2 can repair. Then I breached both of their dungeons at the same time and watched the battle. Blue was much stronger than me and yellow at this point, so I waited for him to attack yellow and breached his dungeon just before he reached yellows heart. It took me 3 or 4 save reloads to get the timing right, but in the end yellow died around 5 seconds before I killed blue, getting a dungeon for free. The remaining ones, purple and green, were also both very strong, but I had noticed before that green's heart is very exposed. I watched their battle with the keeper spell, and when purple was engaged enough I attacked his dungeon and camped his lair, making him lose the battle. Then I withdrew my creatures (not losing any) and breached green's heart, killing him in the process. The upper boulder trap luckily got activated by one of my imps and destroyed his second boulder trap. Then, I immediatly attacked purple, who didn't put up any fight anymore. All in all it was quite easy once I got the hang of it.

    Follow me
    Very cool map.I needed two reloads until I speeded to the prison and the mana vaults, got the skeleton and made the thief into another one, trained both of them to levels 4 and 5 and then started taking out the guards and making more skeletons. Once the critical mass of around 6 level 5 skeletons was reached no single enemy would be considered dangerous anymore. As soon as I got the graveyard I stopped imprisoning until I got one vampire, and then used that one to research all the spells. While he did that I expaned my skeleton army to a final strength of 16, claimed every part of the hero fortress and freed the reaper. Then I experimented around with the hero pillars and quickly noticed that in my case, all possible combinations didn't harm the enemy keeper. So I used the final 3 enemies that I had captured, a dwarf, a wizard and a guard, healed them repeatedly and let them battle against the reaper until it reached level 9. Then I used the level up secret. And then I dug down the pillars one after the other (except the LotL), with my reaper camping the drop spot and using Inferno, mostly instakilling the whole bunch once they fell down. I converted them until I had around 16 to 20 heros, at which point I regretted having used the secret too early. Still, the keeper was pretty dangerous with his knights and dark angels, so I lured them out one by one with my reaper and symbiosis, beat them and healed them up in my prison so he wouldn't attract new ones. When I had 6 knights and 2 angels in my prison (also having converted around 4 mistresses, 3 dark elves, 2 trolls and a bile demon), I attacked and crushed him with ease. I could have been MUCH faster here. Only needed 1 or 2 save reloads after the inital restarts.

    Where do I start. Loads of restarts again. Purple would always be faster no matter what I did. I also figured out the secret door strategy on my own, but didn't get to try it, or he would just attack it by chance and crush me. I imemdiatly sold a door and built 1 lair and hatchery tile to start attracting goblins, then dug out more rooms while mining gold to set up an arena asap (I only got goblins and bile demons though). I let wizards to the necessary research after training in the arena and had a sizeable and trained army pretty quickly, sadly, no knights (got them after yellow). Then, as written above, I managed to beat yellow (couldn't get through the magic door so I needed to wait and camp until he built his bridge to attack green) while purple stomped green, then i built a trap room with some undug rock, barricades and an array of 16 hail traps and invited purples 7-portal-army with a loads of vamps and skeletons. I left some wizards, lizards and goblins in a temple to produce the necessary mana. His attack wiped out all of my low level creatures and basically the entire trap room, but the ridiculous dps of the hail traps in the initial enconter together with my trained creatures proved to be good enough to kill most of his army as well, especially all of the high level creatures (I managed to convert the bile demons and mistresses). I built up the room partly again (only barricades were left), and his second and third attack wave weren't nearly as strong. I had built a graveyard even before attacking yellow and had 2 level 6 reapers by the time of the inital purple attack, and after the defense they had reached levels 8 and 9. After I think the fifth wave of his creatures I felt safe enough to start pushing back, as my creatures also had leveled up massively (at least those that had survived all encounters), and indeed I manage to push the entire way to his dungeon heart and kill him. Luckily he only targeted the weaker level 10 creatures with his turncoat spell when I attacked him (level 10 trolls, I think he did that on purpose.). After he died I immediatly went and killed the blue keeper who was reeeeeaaaaaaaally weak in comparison.

    Just when you thought you had seen everything.... no, massive parties of over-leveled heros digging through solid rock while circling around my dungeon are a first. Needed 2 restarts because of a bad dungeon layout at first, then I managed to organize everything nicely with doors (skeletons manufacture sooooooooooooooo slow.......). At least vamps are quite nice researchers. After the research was done I let 3 vamps die so they wouldn't keep stealing my gold (4000 for a weak ass lvl 2 creature? Not in my dungeon.). Then I lost some skeletons, noticed that I can only get two with the small prison that I claimed, and suddenly remembered that there was a text about two keepers which I have to kill after surviving the heros. Fuck. But I had already claimed most of the tunnels and a good idea of where I had to go, I also saw green behind some door. Then I heard greens creatures hammering down said door. And then green invaded my tunnels. Fuck². And just when I thought it was over, a miracle happened. After fighting a big hero wave in the tunnels (and winning said exchange), green just died. Amazing. WHen my imps ventured near his dungeon I saw blue high level creatures leave and already thought that I was totally lost if blue claimed green's dungeon as well. But blue didn't. As I found out, there was a single tile of water seperating the blue and (previously) green paths. So I got the entire dungeon for free. And green's inferno spell. And the gold. And everything. I used my newly acquired and train ed up creatures to first wipe out all of the remaining heros (you could guess the chance of me doing that earlier with 2 skeletons and 3 level 2 vampires), I converted 6 giants, 5 guards and 3 archers, and then attacked blue by breaching near the training room in the south, where he didnt find the hidden door. I CTAd my army behind a corner, waited for his creatures to push, and then infernoed the hell out of them, the weakend creatures died to the first burst of my army and over half of his forces were gone. Then I just kept pushing through his entrance trap room and trap corridor and killed his heart. Thanks again blue for being so kind, but mission objective is mission objective.

    Oh boy². I "only" needed 2 restarts on this map and 2 save reloads to switch tactics entirely. The biggest problems for me in this level: 1.51 magic doors and the inability to research ANY rooms (BIG bugger). I only had access to goblins, wizards, salamanders and bile demons against his vastly superior army. That was challenging. I also could only push them to level 5 and didn't have the ability to build any traps because of the missing workshop. But I found 4 neutral salamanders (I think), so at least that "evened the odds" (not really). I dug out a lot of stuff pretty quickly, with a looooooooooooooong corridor to the back of his dungeon, where I breached to keep him busy with claiming for a long time. Then I CTAd my creatures to my side of the lava river where he had built a room on the other side and used symbiosis on a salamander to aggro his creatures. Because of the "threat" of the army behind me, he dropped all of his stuff, but only the ones who can walk on lava could actually attack me. I managed to kill his high level salamanders, two reapers and all but 2 of his giants with that initial aggression. But he wasn't dumb, so he built a bridge to the place where my army was located afterwards, so I pulled back everything I had to the lair first, and then CTAd them to my portal room (where I had dug out a nice shape previously because I liked it, but it proved to be incredibly effective in the defense). Note: I had 6 bile demons, 5 or 6 wizards, 4 goblins and 5 or 6 salamanders left at this point. Without the 5 level 5 bile demons I wouldn't have made it. Tanks are incredibly important in this situation. Then I waited for his attack, which quickly arrived because his imps were very fast in heading for my portal room. And then I had to use almost every trick in the book to give me the edge in the fight, because my army was still worse than his. Healing creatures, putting wounded goblins in the lair, getting wizards back to my portal, dropping my imps behind his casters to distract them (which worked like a charm for the projectile burst waves) and casting lightning on his weak creatures as well as getting the damn imps to rescue my downed ones in the heat of battle. Said battle took a good 30 or 40 minutes, and at the end all of his reapers, most of his vampires, and all of his high level creatures besides one goblin were dead. On the other hand, my army was entirely on levels 8, 9 and 10 (apart from level 1 replacements for my 5 or 6 lost creatures), so he couldn't defend against my counter push at all anymore. He suddenly got some stronger creatures at one point, even two reapers, but they didn't pose a threat. The heros after that were a joke obviously, with the knight being an annoyance, because the time he needs to be converted is inversely proportonial to the time it takes for a bile demon to get angry because it wants food.

    So far, this campaign has provided me with the 2 best 1v1 battles I've had against an AI in DK2, along with the best dungeon-race and very cool new ideas. I just hope that I don't make the level's that I'm working on too difficult because of this experience xP.

    I made a new post simply because this one is lengthy.

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    Can anyone make a let´s play of them? I found only the missions Supremacy and Citizen Erased A.

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    I actually wanted to. But some of the missions get REALLY long, I'm bad enough to use lots of reloads, and there are longer sections of buildup where nothing is happening. I don't think that will be nice to watch. The only maps with constant action might be "Follow me" and "Butterflies and Hurricanes", at least on my level xP. For all others, there were breaks. Oh, and I noticed that I cannot record with my old laptop (and I don't seem to get 1.51 running on my desktop PC because the hardware is way better). I've liked the playthrough of Supremacy, and I haven't watched Citizen Erased yet because I didn't want to get spoilered (mostly with tactics and the map layout) :P.

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    Found a bug in "Save me". Blue tried to mine green's gems, and after I killed green the gems turned to impenetratable rock, blue still tried to mine em and the game crashed. Apart from that, the missions since Darkshines were easier than the ones before. Probably because of the availability of more rooms right at the start. Citizen Erased A was fun because I never got the prison and the wooden bridge, so I could only take a single dungeon and needed to beat the 2 remaining keepers using those minions and a training room (no arena either).

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    Ah yes, the AI imps mining impenetrable rock bug; Rex had it happen in level 12 of his patch so he had to redo the level to prevent that. I think the only fix in this case is to change the script so it will turn into regular rock instead of impenetrable rock that way it won't crash.

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