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    Default Final Conquest - Campaign

    This is a new campaign, or perhaps my first campaign if the patch doesn't fully count, called Final Conquest. It is intended to be very difficult, but still keeping everything within reason. I will slowly release more and more maps for this campaign when I obtain the time to do so. The maps are also quite difficult to playtest due to the nature of the campaign, as there is a large number of things that can go differently each game. If you run into any errors or problems with a level's design, specifically revolving around a certain AI Keeper's compatibility, give me a full, detailed report as best you can on exactly what happened throughout the game if you want to truly help me fix the error. I can't work with limited information consisting of one or two lines.

    This campaign takes place directly after DKII, when "Malice" (unofficial name of the Player) has already conquered Harmonia, and now he has set his eyes on a new land: Sacredark. This is the final land to conquer, the Heroes' last territory and safe zone. In this campaign, Malice launches a full invasion on Sacredark, fully intending to slaughter every last Hero and Keeper who gets in his way. Sacredark is his last objective, for after it falls, he will have the entire world to bow down to him, or what's left of it anyways. This is all that stands between him and total world domination. This... is not his story.

    Instead, this campaign follows a new Keeper, Prometheus, as he sets his eyes on a similar goal to that of Malice. This campaign is made especially unique for three reasons. The first is that you must technically fight yourself in order to win. The second reason is that Prometheus isn't alone, but is being led on by a mentor, Keeper Lilith. And unlike Malice's Mentor, Lilith actually does something to help the cause. In other words, this entire campaign is played with Lilith as a Keeper ally. The last reason I cannot reveal here, for it involves progression of the campaign.

    Naturally, this uses my Balance Patch. However, this has a new twist. Replacing Prince Balder and Felix allows me to create two new Heroes: the Samurai and Templar. The Samurai can be distinguished from the Templar by his brown hair and beard. The Templar also wears a helmet. The Samurai uses the normal Knight voice, while the Templar, being a female, uses the Fairy voice. Their general movement speeds can also give them away as the Samurai is much faster.

    The Samurai is a quick hitter, the only real quick hitter for the Hero Side, and is quite good with damage. He is an effective blitzer, with Thunder and Freeze at Levels 5 and 7 respectively. The Templar is a more defensive unit, being slower and offensively weaker than a Knight but having more Health and spells. She gains Invulnerable at Level 4, Flame (Reaper's stunning Fireball) at Level 7, and Light (A super Missile unique to the Templar) at Level 9. She can also regain a bit of Health on her own land but suffers from a bad stun time.

    This campaign does utilize custom text. However, I wrote over only the placefillers/unused text. You may still want to create a backup though just in case. If you ever hear "placefiller" in the game, that means you recieved a new message, usually from Lilith.

    Download link is at the bottom, and remember to check out the Advise for Allies and AI section.


    The land of Sacredark, known to outsiders as the Sunlit Kingdom of the Heroes, is the last standing haven for Heroes. It has held its own quite well under the command of Emperor Ulthor, who resides in Havenius, Sacredark's capital. Although its survival is aided by its more remote location, the main reason behind this land's strength is the raw power of Emperor Ulthor's army and the ingenious methods of which it is applied by the Emperor's strategists. This goes nothing to say of the army's morale, which is exceedingly high for numerous reasons. To make matters worse, Emperor Ulthor is both cautious and relentless, utterly crushing invaders before they have a chance to even prepare a camping spot.

    If it wasn't enough that Ulthor obliterated his opponents to nothing, the Emperor himself often on will engage with his troops at the frontlines. His actions have been the cause of great respect among his troops, and for that reason, many of them are willing to fight until the bitter end. Ulthor is not a foe that should be underestimated by any stretch of the imagination, possessing powers unseen in any other opponent.

    However, now, Sacredark remains a lone obstacle for Keepers. It is the last land of Heroes, their last hope of survival, and therefore is the singled out target for every Keeper still alive. Though many Keepers remain arrogant as they try and steal victory for themselves, there's still a significant number of Keepers wise enough to recognize the threat that Emperor Ulthor holds. Their goal is not glory, but instead to simply snuff out the Heroes' last bit of life. To that end, they have begun allying themselves with those they feel would not betray them out of some foolish pride in order to match up with Ulthor's army.

    The ambitious youth, Prometheus, is one such Keeper. Despite being inexperienced, he has proved himself to be quite the prodigy of a Keeper, having won every battle he's entered thus far. But even with his apparant talent, he knows he cannot win this war on his own. However, fortune would have it that he has recently found himself with a new ally: the mysterious demon of a Keeper often only spoken in whispers. Her name is Lilith, and she has seen both his talent and his character. She has deemed him worthy of herself, and has decided to make Prometheus into her student. As a more experienced Keeper, she can offer not only an effective strategy to conquer Sacredark, but enter the fray herself and unite their forces in even the most intense of battles.

    However, naturally there is bad news to follow for what's in store for this young villain. The self-proclaimed Keeper Malice, after conquering all of Harmonia and slaughtering its inhabitants, has set his eyes on the last opposition to his ultimate goal of world conquest: Sacredark. His allies are not Keepers, but rather, the infamous and supposedly all-knowing Mentor in addition to the Horned Reapers. There isn't a Keeper alive who is ignorant of Malice's capabilities and deeds. All fear him, but unfortunately, they all must face him, for Malice allies himself with no rival Keeper.

    Following the advise of his Mentor, Malice has manipulated events to trick most of the remaining Keepers into assaulting Sacredark. Little do they realize that they're merely softening up Ulthor's army in preparation for Malice's own invasion. Fortunately, Lilith has sniffed out his plan, and has warned Prometheus of it. However, despite acknowledging the plan, Lilith has decided it is the best time to attack. Not only would it prevent Malice, or any other powerful force, from identifying them as a potentially serious threat by cloaking themselves among common Keepers, but it would be the perfect opportunity to launch a well-organized attack by slipping in through all the chaos.

    Every Keeper in living existence is now present at Sacredark's doorsteps, ready to invade. Both Emperor Ulthor and Keeper Prometheus are now face-to-face with their biggest challenge yet. Ulthor must repel the mass invasion of Keepers, ranging from Greyman to Master, while Prometheus, with Lilith's aid, must outsmart Ulthor's strategists, bypass and overcome his army, and then snuff the final life out of the Heroes all the while avoiding a slaughter from his rival Dungeon Keepers, including the legendary and infamous "Malice". This is the final battle of Good and Evil.

    This is the Final Conquest.

    Chapter 01

    Advise for Allies and Handling the AI

    General Information:
    Here is some advise for how to handle Allies and the AI, ranging from basic facts probably known by a fair majority of people to more advanced facts that possibly only a few are familiar with.

    When you drop a Creature into an ally's Lair, you give the ally that Creature. Therefore, be careful about dropping Creatures in Lilith's Lair unless you want to give her your Creatures.

    When your Creature falls on an ally's land, the ally will take them to the Prison and not the Lair. This is why I gave a Prison for both Lilith and the Player at the start in the campaign for certain maps. The Hero Lair next to Lilith's Prison has a special script. When one of your Creatures is on it, Lilith's Prison disappears. It reappears when the creature is removed. Use this to remove the prison to free your captured units.

    Holding Shift will allow you to reverse target types for casting, so you can cast Heal or Invulnerable on enemies. This is useful because the game doesn't properly acknowledge allies as, well, allies. Ergo, hold shift to heal Lilith's units but be cautious of healing enemies.

    Numerous things can cause the AI to get stuck on something. Example would be failing to properly build a room due to its tiles being claimed by an ally, or failing to mine gold properly. If the AI gets stuck, it will halt all other processes... although I'm unsure if that also includes battle related processes. In any case, it's obviously quite an issue. There's really no effective way to avoid these issues. Always do I try to design the map to make sure the AI can handle it in most situations, but there always seem to be some situations where the AI runs into problems.

    Try to give Lilith some space to avoid claiming into her territory and messing up the room building. Generally speaking, this should be pretty easily avoidable in the maps though due to the starting positions unless you act a bit more deliberate. If you see it looks like she's trying to go after some gold, but gets stuck, try mining it for her. I've seen that fix the issue a couple times before.

    Chapter Specific Information:
    Chapter 01: fortunately it seems that the only consistent problem of Lilith getting stuck is in the very beginning of the map. It tends to happen if you are way too passive, like more passive than you should be, and don't do anything about the Heroes that attack you near the start and let her handle it. This can sometimes cause problems I think due to certain Heroes. The runs where it did get her stuck were actually not true playtests, but technical related playtests of sorts, such as me testing Basial's handling. As such, I did absolutely nothing and let Lilith handle everything. So in actual play, it may not be as frequent a problem as I worry it to be. Lilith didn't even get stuck all the time either. Sometimes she cleared those Heroes and that Gate and moved on, sometimes she didn't even bother with it. When she didn't get stuck, she could easily claim a good chunk of the fortress on her own.

    As much as I talk about problems, generally in my experience it seems like Lilith handles pretty well and can make for a great ally. So don't let it turn you away.

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    Default Re: Final Conquest - Campaign

    I am interested in trying this out, but in what order are you meant to play the levels? And how many are out so far? I didn't see in the readme on the order of them.

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    Default Re: Final Conquest - Campaign

    Very hard map. Okay, there is no portal, but where to get the gold? I dug everything in the district, then only the fortress of heroes, on the right is a green keeper. I repel attacks of heroes and slowly break the fortress but creatures leave to lack of salary. Sold everything except 5 lair cells and 2 farm cells and.. lose ((

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    Default Re: Final Conquest - Campaign

    Beated it with abuse call to arms so as not to pay creatures.
    Difficult, but possible. From the very start, you need to have time to dig a long tunnel to the water on the right, until Lilith blocked it with rooms and blocked the extend of slabs, then to build a bridge to the green keeper and capture his territory. And most importantly, help Lilith repel the attacks of the heroes. She's not always good at it.
    It is possible to win the map using only the initial creatures without the portals of green keeper.

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