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Thread: MPD Map - Level Score an Win Game

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    Default MPD Map - Level Score an Win Game

    Hi, i have a problem with my costum MPD Map.

    The player should win the Game with a score of 50.000.

    But how i can make it?


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    Default Re: MPD Map - Level Score an Win Game

    It's in the triggers in the Flag section. Directly after Flag 128 it should say 'Level Score' for MPD maps. Simply create that trigger, set it to 50.000 and then add an Action for 'Win Game' if thr script tree is under Player 1 or do something like Flag 1=1 and then add the script 'If Flag 1=1" to the Player followed by a 'Win Game' action.
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    Default Re: MPD Map - Level Score an Win Game

    I can find nothing like you talk about in the trigger-dialog of my map-editor...

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    Default Re: MPD Map - Level Score an Win Game

    For Flags and Timers, they don't appear by default when making a trigger. You have to make an Action first that references said Flag / Timer. Just do like a whatever Trigger, and then add an Action to it that uses whatever Flag or in this case Level Score, which is all the way at the bottom, and then you'll see it in the list when making triggers. You can delete it afterwards and it won't matter. Think of it as needing to activate the Flag / Timer before it can be used.
    It's kind of useful because it lets you know which Flags / Timers are in use / currently active, but can be kind of annoying, and usually when making maps, you get into this workflow of setting the activation of a Flag or Timer before setting up a trigger resulting from said Flag or Timer.

    Also certain Timers / Flags are bugged, or at least one of them is, as the editor was technically never completed. Flag 1 / Timer 1 will sometimes disappear if you activate a different Flag / Timer. You'll need to re-activate the Flag / Timer with another action, and then delete it.
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    Default Re: MPD Map - Level Score an Win Game

    I cannot find the Menu-item/button/whatever for starting to make an action...

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