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Thread: General Improvement Mod - A New Unofficial Patch for DK2

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    Default Re: General Improvement Mod - A New Unofficial Patch for DK2

    You don't have to copy the data(balance changes). The point of GIM is that it gets you back to 1.51, even if you're on 1.7 (like GOG), because 1.7 has the broken AI. It merges in some of the 1.7 features into 1.51, but without introducing that bug. So unless you play multiplayer, open up the 1.51 version.

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    I see, ty for your answer, though i cant manage to get 1.51 running without crushing every 5-15 minutes, not even on a virtual machine, guess ill have to try more solutions

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    That's a shame. In the Troubleshooting subforum there's many solutions to crashes, but DK2 remains unstable for lots of people and there's different solutions that work for different people. One thing that helps a lot but not many people try is to use windows taskmanager to set DK2 to only use 1 processor core.

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    Alright, so, i managed to make it work a bit more stable... not great either, but well ill have to make do. Maybe someone can start from here and make it work better. Im using the GOG version with this mod, my system specs are intel i-8300h, nvidia gtx1050 4gb (laptop) and 8gb ram, im currently using windoge 10 1903 build. As the troubleshooting post states, i disabled any option that ogrerrides the game settings, turn hardware accelaration off and set affinity to 1 core, also i set to run as admin and, for some reason, seems that enabling compatibility for windows xp (sp3) gives the most stability. The game works fine for skirmishes and my pet dungeon, but seems to have trouble with some triggers and lord of the land leaving certain areas, though, for some reason, possessing a creature solves any of this issues (i tested it on crusade, prison version, and the level in which you need to be sneaky with secret doors and it didnt crash). Also, you can access the menu after some minutes have passed, unless you're possessing a creature, i wonder why that is. I used this method to defeat some lords of the land, though i would recommend playing the levels that do not involve rival keepers on 1.7 and the ones that have rival keepers in 1.51, as it seems to work fine, except on "angelic" level, where it seems that there is an specific trigger that crashes the game, probably related to the dark angels spawning.

    I manage to run the game on my pet dungeon level 2 for around 3 hours before it crashed due to the huge ammount of creatures and corpses that were on the map

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    Where is the arhive for us to download for GIM 1-05? I can't find it. Or does that optional step not apply to the GOG version of DK2 ?

    Also, I'm confused as to which exe I should launch from, dkII or dkII-dx ?
    I'm installing on a GOG DK2 game. If I use the DKII-DX.exe will I lose the AI fixes?

    Re:" G.I.M. Version 1.05
    This is a mod/unofficial patch for Dungeon Keeper 2 version 1.7.
    It has the better AI for enemy Keepers from DK2 official patch
    version 1.51 and features from the GOG patch 1.7 version; the user can
    choose between the official patch 1.51 DKII.exe or the GOG DKII-dx.exe
    to get the best benefits from them along with my own additions and
    fixes. "


    "7.) (OPTIONAL) If you would like to be able to watch the DK2
    cinematics in-game without using a CD, download the
    archive and extract it into the Bullfrog\Dungeon Keeper 2\Data
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    Default Re: General Improvement Mod - A New Unofficial Patch for DK2

    "I believe DKII.ece for regular play, and DKII-dx.exe for multiplayer ;
    GIM only applys the regular DKII.exe, DKII-DX.exe is still 1.7"
    And as 1.7 has broken AI for single player you don't want to launch with DKII-DX.exe except for multiplayer.

    Also Re: downloading a archive (Optional Step 7) for GOG version, you don't need to:
    "when you download the game off GOG, the movies are included
    whoever said the info that the movies are separate are wrong
    the movies always come with the game by default"

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    Default Re: General Improvement Mod - A New Unofficial Patch for DK2

    There is so much information about this mod i eventually got lost.As far as i understand GIM is replacing two executables in GOG version of DK2. DKII.exe and DKII-DX.exe. DKII.exe is 1.5 version, and DKII.exe is 1.7. Moreover 1.7 version is running well on widescreen monitor because it maintains 4:3 ratio with addition of black bars on the sides of the screen. 1.5 version doesnt work like this, it is stretched to fill the whole monitor area but it also mess up camera zoom as it feels to be closer than the usual look. At this point i have some questions:

    1) is GIM mod improving enemy keeper's AI in campaign?
    2) is GIM mod improving enemey keeper's AI only in DKII.exe or in DKII-DX.exe aswell?
    3) is there any method to make GIM patched DKII.exe not stretching to maintain 16:9 ratio but instead works like GOG's DKII-DX.exe with side bars? Or maybe windowed mode?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: General Improvement Mod - A New Unofficial Patch for DK2

    1. Yes
    2. DKII.exe
    3. Both executables stretch the resolution when it's widescreen, sounds like you have a defective monitor. There is a windowed mode but you have to edit the registry to get it.

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