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Thread: An idea for a Dungeon Keeper game

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    Default An idea for a Dungeon Keeper game

    There's like atleast 5 different Dungeon Keeper games being made...all by different people...this is sad.
    What if you all just started working as a team, agreeing and disagreeing on elements of the game.
    I seen good and bad ideas and was like damn, what could make a perfect game?

    I want to start this, I don't develop or code, I do very little graphic design but I'm into computing pretty hard and willing to learn more.
    I can lead though, I'm smart and ambitious.

    I'm proposing a single studio in which we can pump out Dungeon how it was supposed to be created, tough AI, clean interfaces, sick graphics, tons of features; the works ladies and gentlemen.

    I'm talking to all you guys spending countless and tiresome hours, take a deep breath, fresh air is coming your way.
    I can advertise and spread words and organize.

    Please share this whomever you feel would benefit from this

    Lets get these wheels moving faster and into a much better direction...ONE direction

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    Default Re: An idea for a Dungeon Keeper game

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrmcast View Post
    Why would you call any of this "sad"?
    Probably because the DK community is split up among these different projects.

    Personally I've no interest in this idea. We don't really have the resources as most people with talent moved away with WftO. I also highly doubt that people on the forum will be willing to follow someone who they just met and have no information to judge upon, no offense. It's unreasonable to think otherwise, as they simply have no idea whether or not you'd remain committed to such a large responsibility and whether they should invest a considerable portion of their own lives in such a project, especially if it comes down to satisfying someone else's dream.

    And yes, that is another problem. As an ex-WftO developer, I have seen a lot of people sign up for the project. I know that a project with the goal of being the perfect DK game with the good of all the previous dk games in and the bad of the games out, as you present it to be, is a project that is simply doomed to fail. Especially if it starts out under these circumstances as it'll never be able to get the ball rolling and will crash and burn before it gets anywhere.

    The problem is that the perfect DK game is so entirely subjective that it will likely tear the team apart. People have their own ideas on what makes the game perfect, myself included. If they sign up for that perfect DK game and realize that the game is going in a direction different from what they like, they probably won't want to invest in it. The problem lies with the fact that they will think the project is going in a bad direction as it doesn't meet up with their standards of what makes the ideal DK game. Having the project's identity as the perfect DK game will simply turn people away as they will quickly realize that it isn't the perfect DK game. There is no perfect DK game. In reality, its just one guy's vision of what he liked best in DK1 and DK2. And the real question is do people want to work for that, without pay?

    With the current situation, good luck getting people even capable of working for the project. As it stands, if the project were to be started, it wouldn't be able to afford losses on the developer side. Additionally, it'll be more difficult to get more people to join the project as they would likely sooner join WftO or any of the other DK projects out there if possible as they're much further down the line.

    The thing about WftO is that its no longer trying to be DK3, its no longer trying to be the perfect DK game with the good of both DK1 and DK2 without the bad. Its trying to be its own thing. It's a spiritual successor to DK, yes, but it is still its own game with its own identity. This project lacks that. Its only identity is based on subjective opinion, which is really bad.

    * * * * *

    In short: This project is just wishful thinking. It's flawed in concept and we don't really have the means to pull it off regardless.
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    Default Re: An idea for a Dungeon Keeper game

    if ever possible, update DK I to this day and add some various contents and upgrade systems to creatures and voilá!!

    no 3D edits, just creature sprites and thats it.

    My opinion only of course

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