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    Default Wiccman

    A humanoid made of wood.

    Health: Low
    Attack: Low
    Defense: Low
    Accuracy: Moderate
    Speed: Fast
    Dexterity: Low
    Intelligence: Low
    Wage: Mana (35 mana per Wickman)
    Level 1: Melee 1.5S CD
    Level 3: Splinters 10S CD
    Level 6: Barricade 1M CD
    Level 9: Wasp Swarm 2M CD

    Hates: Workshopping, salamanders, lava, underworld.
    Loves: Forests, open areas, Water, Sunlight

    He is able to go underground, but he loses health perpetually in the underworld.

    No Lair, no food, but does have to visit water every now and then.

    Skill definitions:
    Splinters shoots tiny bits of wood at the target, and in increments of 10 degrees to the left and right untill it reaches 30% out. Low damage
    Barricade causes the Wickman to temporarily put himself into a defensive positon, blocking that tile from use. 3/4 the health of a normal barricade
    Wasp Swarm summoms a small horde of wasps to sting the enemy, does minor damage but distracts enemies effected, causing them to stop attacking for 1 second. Does very low damage

    This unit is used to draw enemy fire away from you're other creatures, effectively cannon-fodder.

    This creature is aquired by casting a spell which I will make another post about.
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    Default Re: Wiccman

    When you create new creature spells, you should probably write down some stats for them so people get a good feel for them.
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    Default Re: Wiccman

    I don't understand why this unit would like sunlight. Anything fiery it should hate to be honest.

    It should be immune to fire attacks if in water, however when out of water it has a great weakness to fire attacks.

    I think this should be a wizard summon, it would act as a guard and there would be three of them. They also do not have a time limit so they are out until killed.

    If they reach level 7 then they will not die when/if the wizard dies before them.

    Makes it more effective and makes people more interested, seeing as its something they can't have unless they have a wizard. (Which is of course a hero, hehe)

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    Default Re: Wiccman

    Well the point of this unit is to provide rabble for a keeper invading the Overworld by turning the tree's against the humans.

    It should have been clear by the "Wicc" part of his name that he is a wooden figure.

    Tree's like sunlight, hate fire...

    Wizard summon would make it too rare.

    Anyways, this creature is the equivalent of DK1 Ghost. Used to take hits.

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    Default Re: Wiccman

    It wouldn't be rare if it was gained when a level 4 wizard could summon three of them at once to keep it guarded well.

    Also, the leaves on trees love sunlight, the tree itself prefers water/nutrients in the soil.

    And I don't think you would want to go all the way up-top to steal some of the trees from the overworld just for this...

    This just seems more fitting as a Wizard summon than anything else to be honest.

    Wick, can become dry and thus weak, if exposed to too much sunlight.
    If exposed to water, it is far better off.

    I saw the logic and improved upon it.

    They would only be rare if Wizards were rare. Wizards will most unlikely be rare, so whenever there are wizards. Expect their three Wicker guards.

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    Default Re: Wiccman

    Wizards summon other stuff, like arcane stuff.

    The whole point of WftO is to fight ON THE OVERWORLD.

    Which makes the tree's ample canidates to kill stuff.

    Eitherway, I am presenting my idea, if you want to make a guard summoned by wizards, go post that idea.

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