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Thread: Some questions about scriptings and unusual settings

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    Default Re: Some questions about scriptings and unusual settings

    Quote Originally Posted by DragonsLover View Post
    In case of doubt, you can send your script or your map here.

    Otherwise, like mentioned before, there's a max of 255 creatures on the level. Not only yours, ALL of them, including imps. You must take that into consideration.
    Too much big rooms is not recommended as it drastically increases the amount of things on a level, which is limited too.
    Good to know that too then

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    Default Re: Some questions about scriptings and unusual settings

    In short: don't be abusive. Dungeon Keeper is still limited on stuff which can also affects battles. If there's too much things on a level, creatures stop dealing damage in combat. If there's too much creatures, no more creatures are created. If there's too many pathfinding algorithms or if they're complex, the game may freeze in your face, especially with 3 or 4 keepers on a level or in a labyrinth-kind map.

    Generally, you don't need huge rooms. Having a "shitload" of gold in your gigantic Treasure Room is often unnecessary, having a too big Workshop results as having tons and tons of crates which add to the things limit, not talking of the already machines in there. A bit the same thing goes for the Training Room and Scavenger Room. Hatcheries can be stretched alongside other rooms without exaggeration.
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