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Thread: Looking for DK2 Players!!

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    Default Looking for DK2 Players!!


    There used to be quite a few players on GameRanger playing DK2 but recently hardly anyone plays except for 1 or 2 people. If anyone plays on here at all please get back and come on gameranger and play us!!


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    Default Re: Looking for DK2 Players!!

    I'd play, but I'm only using 1.3 since 1.7's MP is way too unstable for me.
    There is absoluetly nothing wrong with DK Mobile, whatsoever.

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    Default Re: Looking for DK2 Players!!

    I may give MP another shot. I have had back experiences with it in that past which made me not want to play MP. Mainly constant crashes, retarded AI, or people that are cheap and do an entire army of Black Knights. I like Black Knights, but when all you have is a lair, hatchery, and combat pit and you rush someone.....

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