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Thread: Changes in secret missions compared to original?

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    Default Changes in secret missions compared to original?

    I have some questions related to the bonus realms. Are there some minor changes to them in KeeperFX or are there different DK1 versions?

    Last time I played it over 10 years ago, now I started to play it again with KeeperFX, but IIRC there are some minor changes.

    Secret Level 1: I searched the net and found a lot of game FAQs stating that it doesn´t have a transfer creature special. However when I started it there is one nearby the dungeon heart. Should that be the fix of the originally non-existent special?

    Secret Level 2: IIRC I got a level 10 vampire after success(also some game FAQs state this), however now I got a level 10 dark mistress. The description text also mentions two(although only one appears) dark mistresses that I will get. What about this?

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    Default Re: Changes in secret missions compared to original?

    Hi, Indeed some change were put to the secret levels, to fix them and to add balance. That's why there is a mistress and not a vampire.

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    Default Re: Changes in secret missions compared to original?

    And it will still gonna be changed for more balance purposes. But we have already explained those changes here.
    The text is mistaken, you can't transfer more than one creature so, just one is fine and sufficient.
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