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Thread: The Horned Reaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by natchoguy View Post
    Maybe the mentor and Horny are close friends so he decides to become your ally since the mentor works for you.
    Horny has no friends... he probably got bored and killed them one day.
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    Unholy Necromancy, batman!

    Well, the Horned Reaper can only be summoned via some form of magic, but he does leave a body unlike the imps. I'm going to say that they are not a magical creation, but a being not of this world. Perhaps they make their home in the realm of the dark gods, and serve them? It would seem to make sense.

    I like the concept of Skybird Trill's Reaper being Horny.

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    Skybird Trill has two reapers though. A level 10 hero and a level 10 neutral.

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    The Temple Recipe for obtaining a Horned Reaper is to sacrifice, a troll, Dark Mistress, and Bile Demon in the temple's pool.

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