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    Name: Umbra
    Creature Type: Dusk Angel
    Age: Ageless
    Personality: Quiet, Proud, Brave, Disciplined, Arrogant, Mysterious, Loosely Loyal, Intelligent
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Male
    Level: (10 prior in the Underworld) 1 in dungeon

    - Extremely powerful offensive abilities
    - Will use his deadly spells to the best of their abilities at a distance before charging into battle
    - Knowledgeable in the Dark Magics
    - Cuts through Protect spells
    - Absolute obedience to powerful Keepers
    - Skillful researcher as well as combatant
    - Respects strength greatly, doesn't matter if it is creature or hero
    - Will do anything to protect an ally that proves to be an asset to his side.

    - Very quiet, Only speaks when strong creatures speak to him, ignoring the weak, thus creating mistrust.
    - Only loyal to those with power. Will allow allies to die if they are weak and serve no benefit at his side.
    - Only loyal to a strong Keeper, if a Keeper grows weak, has no qualms about leaving their service instantly or if angered, rebel to the enemy if they are strong.
    - While very powerful offensively, leaves a lot to be desired defensively. While most enemies won't be able to withstand his magics or his mighty sword, groups of even small, weak enemies can prove problematic to him.
    - His proud and arrogant nature can sometimes be his downfall if goaded by his allies or enemies.

    -Strong Keepers
    -Strong Creatures or Heroes
    -Seeing others training
    -Winning battles

    -Observing other creatures

    -Being possessed for extended periods of time
    -Being picked up for extended periods of time

    -Inferior beings
    -Loud noises
    -Being outsmarted

    Level 1: Melee*
    Level 2: Flight
    Level 2: Drain
    Level 4: Duskball
    Level 6: Disruption
    Level 8: Death Curse
    Level 10: Duskblaze

    * Using special weapons has him deal shadow damage*

    Special Traits:
    -Unlike other creatures flight, his natural wings and can last as long as he chooses, prolonged flight tires him out greatly, making him less effective. Extremely prolonged flight can cause him to fall unconscious.
    -Can also use his wings for better dodging ability, but tires him out quicker due to more focused and precise movement.
    -Unique ability called Draintouch, which when he touches an enemy, will slowly drain their life essence and give to himself, doing damage the longer he is in contact with the target.
    -Through extreme effort, can use Draintouch in reverse. Sacrificing some of his own life to heal his allies. The amount drained/healed based on how long he will be in contact with the target.

    -Shadow (Transparent sword, summoned at will, with the appearance of an actual shadow in his hands. Can summon one or two depending on his mood.) A magical 'blade' that cuts as well as decays what it touches.

    He is different then his cousins, the Dark Angels. As a Dusk Angel, his entire muscular body is a shade of black. His wings are one of the most key differences, while a Dark Angels wings are white and elegant looking, keeping with their look back when they were Angels, a Dusk Angels is a shade of black lighter than his skin. They are also more chaotic looking, with all their spiky black feathers that seem to end in shadows that slowly move on their own. The sight of a Dusk Angel with his wings spread wide apart can instill fear in lesser beings, which think their death is coming. They also have the ability to shrink their wings when they need to, reducing their size to small, feathery puffs on their backs. They don't wear shirts, only wearing pure black baggy pants that also end in shadows at their feet, and wear a sash around their waist that is of similar color as their wings. They are also vastly more humanoid than the Dark Angels. If they choose to shrink their wings, and wear a cloak, and at night where it is hard to detect their face, they can blend in with humans.

    Nothing is known about Umbra. The Dusk Angels are a rare and secretive race of beings, with Umbra being less secretive but also very quiet so you don't hear much from him. Some say they are the personal guards of the Dark Gods. Others say they are the very children of the Dark Gods. Some even worship the Dusk Angels as the physical forms of the Dark Gods. What is known about the Dusk Angels is that it is a rare sight seeing them in a Keeper's army, but what is known is where they go, death approaches. The same can be used to describe Umbra. Nothing else is known and will maybe be found out once he is apart of the Keeper's army he is going to.

    Realm: Northland Iceland
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