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Thread: My review of Good Campaign

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    Default My review of Good Campaign

    Ok, as there are also reviews for other campaigns I do one for Good Campaign from Lquiz.

    While it´s overall a nice idea to be a good keeper with hero forces , I was also a bit disappointed by it as it isn´t a real challenge and has too many design flaws to work as a real "hero campaign".

    Map 1 "First step"
    A tutorial map only with tunnellers to attract. It is ok and easy to beat. No rating as one easy level as introduction is ok.

    Map 2 "Offspring"
    Well, also not that hard. The constant stream of demon spawns is a nice idea but not that a big challenge. It would be more challenging to rise the levels of the spawns coming that the player has to work harder to beat it. 6/10 considering that it is the 2nd level

    Map 3 "Snow white and dwarves"
    Looked promising but then was a disappointment. I trained a lot of heroes for what? The forces defending the dungeon were no challenge so I could get rid of them with a single L10 knight. 3/10
    Suggestion: Tougher enemy fortress and also some attack waves.

    Map 4 "Warlocks slave"
    This looked like a challenge at first but then was more easy to beat than expected. The Horny blocked by the guard post is more a nuisance than anything else and easily defeated in possession mode from distance.
    That you have to defeat three warlocks looks like a nice resemblance to Moonbrush Wood with the 4 wizards but the difficulty is not really higher. 5/10
    Suggestion: Make it more challenging to get an imp. It is too easy to create one with money from the sold rooms and then digging around the dangerous areas.

    Map 5 "Ug the Barbarian"
    Well, the name-giving Ug is also on the map but not important for the level at all. It is enough to destroy the enemy keeper.
    It is also too easy to rush through this level. Claim the heroes, dig to the lava and walk over it with the tunneller to dig into the enemy dungeon. Then get rid of him with a transfered knight. 3/10
    Suggestion: Would be fine without a transfered creature. Some attack waves by the "evil" heroes under control of Ug would also add a more fitting background story.

    Map 6 "Power of Faith"
    Erm, nice try but ways too easy. The two enemy keepers keep on battling all the time so you have to problems at all to build up your dungeon. Which also seems not that necessary. Just dig out the bile demon(I thought it was a hero campaign?), dig to the weakness of the blue keeper and destroy the heart. When I was playing through it a mistress of the blue keeper managed to get to the heart of the green and destroyed it. Then I destroyed the blue heart without any resistance and both were defeated. No use for my trained barbarians, giants and other heroes... 2/10
    Suggestion: Well, the background story of the level should be changed. The two enemy keepers should be allied and try to attack the player. Also the "weakness" should be removed. And the bile demon. A good army shouldn´t have demons.

    Map 7 "Indoctrination"
    Also too easy to rush. Dig out the two enemy keepers and destroy their hearts with a transfered knight before they can grow strong. 3/10
    Suggestion: Maybe it would work without a transfered creature.

    Map 8 "Three on One"
    As simple as the level before as the same tactic works. 2/10
    Suggestion: Same as before.

    Map 9 "Impure Blood"
    Ah well, this level looked interesting first but then it wasn´t. It is rather tedious to play it taking all the enemy creatures out one by one either with strong fighters(which are easy to get here) or traps(also easy).
    Even the wave of vampires at the end wasn´t a challenge as I had 6 Hornys, 5 knights and a lot of other creatures on level 10. 4/10
    Suggestion: More and tougher enemies and attack waves.

    Map 10 "Save the Savior"
    Also not a challenge with a transferred creature(and there was thread that reported that the Avatar vanishes when the blue keeper tries to claim it). So I rushed through it with a transfered Horny which was too easy as the level is won when the Avatar is claimed. And as it isn´t necessary to transfer him as the next level already has one you don´t have to bother with the two enemy keepers at all. Yawn. 1/10
    Suggestion: The Avatar should be more far away to avoid troubles. I would add gems for the player. Without transfer creature it should be a challenge.

    Map 11 "Do or die"
    Ok, the final level. Designed to solve it with the Avatar in possession mode and that´s it. I expected some more tougher enemies for the Avatar but there weren´t any one. I went to the enemy heart and found - a horde of imps? Are you kidding me? I expected at least a Horny or two to fight...but no. Last opportunity to give this campaign at least a challenging finale forgiven. 1/10
    Suggestion: More enemies. And tougher ones. Like a Horny. Remove the boulder traps, they are useless, remember, it is the Avatar.

    = makes an overall meager rating of 30 %

    The idea is good like said above but this campaign is a big disappointment at all. I didn´t expect to be as hard as Ancient Keeper but it should be at least a bit of a challenge. But it isn´t.
    Beside being too easy the background story of this campaign lacks authenticity due to the possibility to get "evil" creatures as part of the army. Look at some turn-based strategy games or RPGs, in most of them one has to choose to be good or evil when compiling a party, but not fighters/heroes from both. A noble good hero won´t work together with an evil demon. Ok, the imps are ok as tunnellers aren´t a replacement for them, see also Wikipedia for the background of the imps - they aren´t always evil.

    My main suggestions for improvements and to make it to feel like a real "good" campaign are:
    - remove the transfer creature boxes as it is too easy to beat the levels then
    - remove the thief from creature pool as it is too easy to train them to knights. And especially in levels where knights are also part of the creatures pool you can get a lot of strong fighters easily. Or leave the thief in the pool but make the levels more challenging. If I have 5 L10 knights they should have some enemys that are similar strong.
    - remove the prison and torture chamber. Why? Not only for authenticity - see above, "good" guys don´t torture their enemies to join their side - but also because it makes the game too easy as well as sacrificing also works here. In "Impure Blood" the player is able to create a lot of Hornys with imprisoned bile demons, trolls and mistresses. Then there are several Hornys that can be captured and converted. And a neutral one to be claimed. It is even possible to scavenge some of them(after claiming one of the scavenger rooms) giving you an army of Hornys. And this army of Hornys takes every enemy apart in seconds.
    - for the same reasons remove the graveyard. Not only are vampires too strong but also good heroes don´t do necromancy
    - make the enemies harder to beat at all. I expect a bit more than a bunch of skeletons and some warlocks when breaking into an enemies dungeon

    That´s my review. I mean no offence to the creator(don´t know if he reads it), there is some effort behind the campaign but my impression that he was a bit too overcautious when creating it, making it too easy in this state. There could be potential in it. Maybe I should try the level editor...
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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    A good review. Are you going to fix it?

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    Thanks. Well, I haven´t done level editing yet, maybe I give it a try. But only if I have the time.

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    Have you noticed that this campaign has one set of map-included conditions for hero spawning, while keeperFX has another?

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    I also made it some time ago, and in the last level you can actually get 2 avatars since there is a creature transfer bonus.

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    This one could definitely be better in my view. A little gimmicky on the levels, not very challenging, story could be better. But still, thanks! Content is always appreciated.

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    After the fix (in the latest version of KeeperFX), the game became too complex. So map 7 is impassable without a transferred hero, which is bad. I would remove the ability to transfer characters and then do a review. A few years ago, I passed this company without problems (apparently in the last edition), now I have to transfer the characters.

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    What do you feel is different now?

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    for example, on map 7, two keepers act together against a player. I didn't transfer the hero and tried to pass 3 times. It was hard to get to the diamonds and I ran out of money. I had to edit the map to go further. It seems to me that the keepers didn't work together before.

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    Default Re: My review of Good Campaign

    So basically it's just that keepers are smarter now,... ok.

    If a map is too difficult for you, using cheats is easier than editing the level.

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