Name: Snape 'The Quick'
Creature Type: Rogue (Dark Elf)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Personality: Patient, Loyal, Creative
Alignment: Neutral
Current Level: 1
Gold on Pocket: 0
Strengths: Snape is very quick, nimble and stealthy
Weaknesses: Cannot take a lot of hits
Likes: Talking with others, birds and reading
Dislikes: Brightness, lying and Heroes
Level 1: Melee
Level 5: Invisibility
Level 8: Speed Self
Side Ability: Grenade (Not Unlocked - unlocked on the completion on the personal schematic 'Grenade')
Most Powerful Foe Slain: -
Body Count: 0
Other Things: He likes to tinker around with mechanical objects.
Realm: Northland Iceland
Snape lived in a small town in Eaglewatch. He had no education to speak of and learnt all he knows by himself. He spent many days of his life talking with friends and having his small little adventures, sneaking into kitchens and stealing delicious treats for his friends. This lasted for a while until he was 14 when his parents were killed by thieves who were stealing the families belongings in the middle of the night. Snape being adept at stealth got out before they found him. Soon as he escaped he headed north to get faraway as possible. After weeks of traveling and foraging he came across a traveling merchant who made Snape his shop assistant and took him to a town in south Frostwhisper where he lived for many years learning trade from the merchant. When he was twenty-four years old he was no longer needed and could take care of himself where he looked for work and found himself tinkering with a odd engineer who showed him many interesting things. This lasted for four years till he sought something better to do. Something adventurous. He asked around town till he met a shady looking man who explained the job of a rogue in a dungeon then took him to a portal which he willingly jumped through. And arrived in the Northland Iceland dungeon.