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    Default Medusa

    Health: Medium
    Attack: High
    Armor: Medium
    Speed: Low
    Dextarity: Low
    Defense: Medium

    Spell Set-

    Level 1: Shoot Arrow/Hit With Bow
    Level 5: Petrify
    Level 7: Snake Hored
    Level 9: Pefect Shot

    Shoot Arrow:
    Shoot an arrow toward the oppenent and does little damage, this takes 4 seconds to recharge.

    Turns an oppenent to stone for 6 seconds, when an oppenent is petrified they take double damage, this spell takes 12 seconds to recharge.

    Snake Horde:
    Launchs a horde of snakes to an oppenent and does a large amont of damage, this spell takes 6 seconds to recharge

    Perfect Shot:
    Halfs the oppenents energy, this spell takes 20 seconds to recharge

    Description: Medusa's like to spend time in the the temple and thier lair looks like a bunch of snakes. they dislikes dark mistresses but they do like bile demons (because they haven't got any legs) and in battle they act a bit like a dark elf.

    Apperance: Snakes for hair, top half of thier body is a women and the bottem half is a snake and last but not least she carrys a bow.

    Notes: If you need a creature to replace the dark elf I think this is the right creature to use also this is the first creature i've suggested so feel free to suggest different spells and stats.
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    Default Re: Medusa

    Hm, good shot there.

    Might be best to add a Melee and Projectile for the first level, and move Petrify to a bit higher level, say, level 4/5?

    Maybe she can cast Slow at level 3?

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    Default Re: Medusa

    woah petrify is a bit too powerful for level 1. It should be made like level 5 or you could have it so that the medusa does very little damage but can petrify people.

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    Default Re: Medusa

    Ok thanks i'll change it now.

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