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Thread: The wanderer has returned.

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    Default The wanderer has returned.

    And the wanderer entered the forum, and he faced the gathered crowds and spoke:

    Hello, I am Dude_Jebawe(Duke_Jebawe now) and most of you guys probably know who I am. Except for the ones who joined after I became inactive on the original Keeper Klan, I guess.

    Anyway, I'm back, but don't expect me to be very active, unless something very interesting happens.

    Cheering and saluting may now commence.

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    Default Re: The wanderer has returned.

    *Thefsuth chops off every one's hands*

    ... this complicates the saluting...

    Hmpff ungrateful goits.

    *Salutes with tattered arm stump anyway*
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    Default Re: The wanderer has returned.

    I like your style, Who-Horny. Severed limps always earns brownie points.

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    In your head :O

    Default Re: The wanderer has returned.

    yay! now if only more inactive people came back.

    come back, post, help, play, anything. just don't go offline

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    Default Re: The wanderer has returned.

    and the crazy dude has returned..
    welcome back
    Black holes are where god devided by zero.

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