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Thread: Survey : Joint Generation of a new campaign

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    Default Re: Survey : Joint Generation of a new campaign

    I have removed any potential flame war content from dayokay's post and a warning has been handed out. Next time, it will be an infraction.

    Quote Originally Posted by dayokay View Post
    The survey reveals a number of people who have views that differ with yours. Don't panic - embrace the diversity. If you're right, as you no doubt always are, no campaign will result, and your smugness is enhanced, despite no additional campaigns. If you're wrong, a good campaign could result, and you'd have the option to play it. It's difficult to see a downside.
    If I can be proven wrong, then go ahead and do it. People don't always understand the attitude I have, but I am not being negative for the sake of being negative. Look at all the negative reception from fan campaigns and then try to tell me they're well received. I've said what I said based on information around me, and it just so happens that a negative view on fan campaigns is born. If we had a lot of well designed campaigns, or at least half of them were fairly to very well designed, then naturally the view on fan campaigns would be more positive.

    You seem to act as if I enjoy the lack of production of quality campaigns. I must assure you that that is not actually the case. But just because I want a well designed campaign doesn't mean I can have it. It's like DKII, I want the game to be good because it's my childhood game, yet I cannot run from the fact that it is badly designed and recommend it to others, it wouldn't really be fair. Just like now.

    If I went ahead and supported the notion of creating more fan campaigns, yet we did not possess the capability of producing and I knew that, then I would effectively be lying to make people happy for the moment only to see everyone sad in the long run after a failed attempt and wasted effort. It's a lack of foresight.

    What is there to lose? Well, we hurt the reputation of fan campaigns even further and waste both time and energy into something we can't do at this time, instead of putting that time and energy into doing something that we know we can do.
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    Default Re: Survey : Joint Generation of a new campaign

    A lesson for everyone:

    Try to always consider how what you write will affect the readers.
    If your opinion is either going to discourage someone or lead to conflict, then there's no purpose in sharing it.
    There's a name for sharing negative opinions without purpose - it's trolling.

    Now back to the subject:

    Quote Originally Posted by Metal Gear Rex View Post
    Taking a variety of other people's maps, throwing them together and calling it a campaign with some obscure story added to it in addition to at least considerable changes to each of the maps is something that I very much am against. That is pretty much taking credit for somebody else's work but adding in a few changes to make it less recognizable.
    There are two ways of making projects: either start from scratch, or continue where someone else left. Both ways have advantages, and I see no reason to consider one superior over the other.
    KeeperFX also started where Bullfrog developers left. Actually, programmers who have ability to adopt existing solutions to a project are highly regarded in the industry. Using existing solutions always requires making compromises, but allows to achieve goals a lot faster.

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    Default Re: Survey : Joint Generation of a new campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrmcast View Post
    I keep hearing a lot from people this idea that we somehow need another DK1 editor but I don't agree with it or understand the sentiment. Try using the ADiKtEd editor if you haven't already, it's exceptional. The command line interface really isn't bad and shouldn't scare people. There is also the DK1 official editor for one of those fancy graphical user interfaces, if you can get that one working. But I'd still rather recommend the ADiKtEd editor rather than the official one.
    I didn't mean that the level editor was important, I just thought the other choices were less important and the things I would've chosen weren't listed. I did assume - because it was listed as an option - that the editor didn't work anymore. I haven't tried the editor myself in many years and haven't felt the need.

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    Default Re: Survey : Joint Generation of a new campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrmcast View Post
    I don't understand you, what do you mean by 'the editor'? There are multiple level editors, do you mean the official level editor? Because as far as I'm aware the ADiKtEd editor works just fine and is better than the official level editor.
    I believe you. What I'm trying to say is that because the survey said 'a new editor is needed' I assumed there is currently no workable editor. If there is a workable editor it is of course even less important to focus on a new editor.

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    Default Re: Survey : Joint Generation of a new campaign

    Though not entirely opposed to the idea or thought behind it, Dungeon Keeper and mapmaking is in my opinion one of those games that would be too small scale to effectively bother pooling talent together. From level design to scripting it can be done by a single person with the creative freedom, effort and passion he or she puts into it. And that can make a world of difference between a great experience or a less great one because 2 or more mapmakers had to compromise on some fields.

    And what do those comments in the survey mean with consistency exactly? Large spikes in difficulty? Different levels build up? Conflicting ‘story’ line (or lack thereof rather)? And do those comments aim perhaps at specific campaigns or level experience that might have caused a bad experience or in general? If thats the case, Wyrmcast does make some solid points regarding that.
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